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What is Neurofeedback?

neurofeedbackBecause neurofeedback is a cutting-edge science, not many people understand what it is, let alone how it can improve lives.  Neurological trauma, such as depression, ADHD, anxiety, and PTSD, are so often treated with chemicals that serve only to mask the symptoms without ever addressing the cause.  Our team at East Valley Naturopathic Doctors is interested in healing, not hiding.  That is why we use neurofeedback to help our patients reclaim their lives.

The Cause

As trauma or the stresses of life take their toll, the brain becomes fatigued.  This exhaustion pushes the brain to enter into unhealthy wave loops, the repetition of which is disruptive to life.  These altered brain waves throw off optimal function and the individual begins to suffer the symptoms of this imbalance.  Once symptoms are noted, it is time to begin treatment.

The Treatment

Treatment is non-invasive.  Small sensors are placed on the scalp and ear, and these send electrical impulses to a computer.  The brain waves are monitored to identify the areas and types of waves that need treatment.  This easy process allows the doctor to create a treatment plan designed for each patient’s specific needs.  Once needs are identified, the doctor sends back very slight electrical impulses, which interrupt the impaired loop and help train the brain to function properly.

The Results

After a tailor-made series of treatments, dependent entirely on the individual, the brain can be trained to send optimal waves on its own and the symptoms of impaired function can be greatly alleviated.  Without chemical interference, which always has side-effects of its own, the brain can be re-taught proper function and a life of chemical dependency can be avoided.

The effects of neurofeedback are only positive and the patient risks nothing.  This non-invasive treatment is specifically designed for each individual to improve brain function and break disruptive brain wave patterns.  Using the natural power of the brain to heal itself is the science of this exciting new neurofeedback treatment.