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Weight Loss and Peptide Therapy

EVND has created a unique weight loss program that consists of different strategies to restart your metabolism. If your mindset to weight loss and maintenance still revolves around the idea that success is only achieved by monitoring caloric intake and expenditure then your thought process is outdated and it is time for a tune up in your thinking. Weight loss should not have to be monitored in such an extreme way if the body is functioning optimally. There are several factors that hinder weight loss such as hormone imbalances, menopause, food sensitivities, candida overgrowth, hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, elevated stress, and lack of sleep are most commonly associated with a slower metabolism. All of these issues should be ruled out or remedied with your physician first, before starting a weight loss program. If you are still not achieving success then consider general toxicities as a culprit. The following ideas describe the current progressions through the years for optimizing weight loss and maintaining weight with the newest break through providing a very exciting peptide called Semaglutide.

Semaglutide Injections for Weight Loss

Semaglutide is a glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1) analogue that works by helping the pancreas release the right amount of insulin in response to elevations in blood sugar. Insulin helps move sugar from the blood into other tissues in the body where the cells use it for energy. Insulin resistance occurs when the cells stop responding normally to insulin which is common in Type 2 diabetes and Prediabetes, and this contributes to weight gain, particularly around the abdomen. Semaglutide also works by slowing the movement of food through the stomach and helps with appetite control and feeling full longer. This also helps reduce food cravings.

Semaglutide was originally made for Type 2 Diabetes and is sold under the name Ozempic, and then later FDA approved under the brand name Wegovy for weight loss in people with a BMI over 30.

A double-blind control trial of 1,961 adults with a BMI over 30 lost on average around 15% of their body weight during the 68-week trial of using the once-weekly injections. Other benefits include reductions in cardiovascular risk factors such as blood pressure, HbA1c levels, blood sugar, lipid levels, and hsCRP-a marker of inflammation.

For patients that have struggled with losing weight and are frustrated despite various diets, exercise, and other therapies, are good candidates for semaglutide. We often encourage patients to continue injections until goal weight is achieved and to focus on continuing a healthy diet and exercise regimen to maintain. If healthy habits are not maintained it is important to know the weight could be regained after stopping treatment.

Common side effects as the body is adjusting to the medicine include nausea, heartburn, abdominal discomfort, and constipation or diarrhea. These side effects usually are self-limiting and lessen as the body adjusts to the medicine. Serious side effects could occur in people who have hypoglycemia or history of pancreatitis. If someone has a history of multiple endocrine neoplasia syndrome type 2 or medullary thyroid cancer they should not use semaglutide.

Reduce Calories

The first has been constant for years and that is “burn more calories than you consume”. Restriction of total calories or of carbohydrates from grains to less than 50 grams daily or reduction of fat to less than 20 grams daily results in weight loss in nearly every case. Any dietary program that is successful plays off these main ideas resulting in a general reduction in processed and refined carbohydrates or fats, both of which contribute generally to caloric excess and weight gain. Weight loss should not have to be monitored in such an extreme way if the body is functioning optimally.

Change the “gut”

The second leading idea is based on more current research into the microbiome or the living environment of the intestinal tract. The variety of bacteria that live within the intestinal tract determine whether or not we are able to lose weight. The microbiome is affected by what we eat and how these foods support different species of bacteria and yeast. When we over-consume refined processed foods and avoid wholesome natural foods we favor bacteria and yeast that cause weight gain. We especially support the growth and abundance of yeast species, such as Candida. There are many effective methods for modifying the gut microbiome in favor of weight loss which we will describe.

Reduce toxic burden

The third unfortunate contributor to weight gain or difficulty with weight loss can be connected to toxic load or burden in the body. Our bodies are burdened daily by chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. Being mindful of decreasing the toxic load is not enough. Our bodies today require more action through detoxification strategies in order to reset our system. We can not expect to have a high metabolism when individual cells are sluggish due to blocked receptors and the resulting nutrient deficiencies.

Weight Loss Program

EVND has created a unique weight loss program that consists of different strategies to restart your metabolism.

Focus #1: Clean eating: Our general weight loss program includes healthy eating starting with a 7 day Core Restore cleansing system. This includes a protein shake, key vitamins and a menu to follow for the week. After the week is complete then you will switch to our clean eating hand-out. The initial cleanse and ongoing clean eating recommendations will begin to establish a healthy microbiome.

Focus #2: While following your clean eating plan we recommend taking a candida herbal formula simultaneously as endless research has shown the connection between gut organism imbalance and weight gain. We recommend Phytostan 1 capsule 2 x day for 2 months or longer to reach goal weight. Yeast is often the leading bad “bug” in an unhealthy microbiome.

Focus #3: Nutrient and detox support. We recommend taking particular vitamins to improve liver function which a healthy liver is essential for any detox program. We prefer Mitocore 2 capsules 2 x day which provides essential nutrients and liver detox support at the same time.

Bonus: Slim Shot or Super Detox Shot can be done 1 x week for the first 3-4 weeks to receive a higher dose of Vitamin B12 and M.I.C (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) which enhances liver detoxification and has fat-burning properties. The Super Detox includes Glutathione which helps the body rid itself of chemicals.

Focus #4: Infrared sauna detox. We live in a very toxic world, with exposure to pesticides, toxic metals, environmental pollution, and GMOs to name a few. Even with our best efforts it is impossible to avoid all toxins. Our body has organs and pathways all focused on the task of eliminating toxins. Sweating, a pathway through the skin, is one of the major, and underutilized pathways for elimination of toxins. Studies indicate sweating is a major method of excreting pesticides, toxic metals, including cadmium, lead, and aluminum, Bisphenol A (BPA), and mycotoxins associated with mold exposure. This happens as infrared heat energy penetrates tissues, triggering mobilization of chemicals from subcutaneous fat storage, directly into the sweat. Detox programs built around infrared sauna therapy are the most effective and efficient methods of whole body detox. Besides infrared sauna’s ability to detoxify the body, which helps with weight loss, research indicates you can burn up to 600 calories in one 30-minute sauna session, as published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. Saunas are able to heat your core body temperature, increasing blood flow and heart rate much like exercise. In other research conducted by Binghamton University they found that participants who spent 45-minute sessions in an infrared sauna 3 times a week, lost 4% body fat in just 16 weeks.

The 5 Methods of Microbiome Optimization for Weight Loss

1. Consume whole, non-refined, low allergenic foods. Processed and pre-packaged fast foods are often full of additives, preservatives, colorings, and cheap gluten and dairy proteins. An IgG food intolerance test can be a very effective method of determining food reactions which when avoided frequently lead to weight loss. Keto and Paleo and even the Whole 30 diets are often successful because the individual is avoiding their food intolerances without knowing it. What’s the advantage of knowing? Too often after achieving success with our weight loss goals we go right back to our previous habits not making the connection to our success and the relation to avoidance of those specific foods we were over-consuming leading to weight gain. If grains, gluten, or dairy are the enemy, we must avoid them to maintain our ideal weight. We need to continue practicing a portion of the dietary changes that made us successful, otherwise the weight will just return. A clean, whole food diet, with low dependence on overconsumption of allergenic processed refined foods, helps to maintain a healthy caloric intake but also feeds the right bacteria. The overgrowth or abundance of weight-producing bacteria are less abundant in a whole foods diet. This abundance of poor bacteria leads to inflammation, “leaky gut”, fatigue, brain fog, bloating, constipation or loose stools, and even mood disorders.

2. The most effective method of changing the microbiome is of course changing what you feed it. But even with eating a clean diet, bacteria and yeast forms such as Candida can persist leading to digestive complaints such as bloating, acid reflux, fatigue after eating, and of course weight gain or difficulty with weight loss. With a change in the type of foods we consume and a reduction in allergenic foods, the next best choice is to assist the body in reducing the negatively impacting “bug” population. Medications such as Fluconazole or Nystatin can effectively reduce yeast and candida. Herbs such as garlic, caprylic acid, Horopito, Oregano can also reduce yeast populations. Medications such as Xifaxin or Neomycin can reduce negative bacteria which result in bloating, IBS, fatigue, and weight gain. Herbs such as Berberine, Oregano, Olive Leaf, Garlic, and many others effectively reduce “bad” bacteria. Through a prescription or dosing of specific or combined herbals, the microbiome can be quickly modified, resulting in greater energy, motivation, and weight loss. It seems smart while doing any type of caloric or dietary change to also modify the microbiome at the same time, as doing so provides quicker and more obvious benefits, and helps to maintain our hard-earned results.

3. Research is beginning to shed significant light on one of the most effective methods to reverse disease and aging, adding 10-15 years to the average life expectancy. This method is not only free but saves money too. It is fasting. As we age our body has difficulty in removing all aging cells. These cells known as senescent cells create inflammation and increase the aging of all cells. Fasting in its varied forms is known to disrupt and use the aging cells as a source of energy during a period of caloric restriction. Fasting improves the metabolism and rids the body of sluggish aging cells. In addition, it modifies the microbiome in such a way as taking antifungal or antibiotic nutrients or medications. We live in an overabundance society and our gut health and the constant exposure to chemicals, additives, processed foods, and just extra calories is leading to diabetes, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and weight gain. We might need to practice a little scarcity. Fasting in the form of intermittent fasting, or caloric restriction, or 5 days with food and 2 days with no food(5:2 fast) done every week to once monthly, can help reset the metabolism and heal the body from the inside out. How interesting it is to think that we can heal and reverse aging and possibly resolve some diseases by avoiding food, and without having to take medications or supplements.

4. The fourth method for optimization of the microbiome is to reduce exposure and body burden of toxins. Reducing exposure to toxins has already been accomplished in one form by reducing refined processed foods in the diet. But a lifetime of living in a toxic world with an abundance of toxins in our air, water, and food, leads to increased body burden. As we support detoxification pathways through the liver, kidneys, and skin we reduce immune reactivity at the “gut” level such as results in “leaky gut” or inflammation, or histamine reactions. Specific nutrients which support liver and kidney function and detoxification and therapies such as infrared sauna for detoxification through the skin are able to reduce total body burden. By reducing toxins excreted by the liver into the small intestine, we reduce exposure to the gut lining resulting in a less reactive or immune balancing microbiome.

5. The fifth method for optimization of the microbiome is the prudent use of probiotics and customary fermented foods. Probiotics seem to have great benefits for many but at times can aggravate some individuals. Carefully dosing and observation will help determine the best approach for each individual supporting a healthy and diverse microbiome. When antibiotics are used, we recommend a short course of replenishment and herbal or natural antifungals in combination. Thes can be utilized periodically or on a more permanent dosing as helpful.

Detox Support for Weight loss

It takes great effort to change the diet for weight loss. With all the effort, a few additional steps can add great benefit in energy, age reversal, disease prevention, and weight loss. Adding a variety of detox support therapies will greatly enhance weight loss and can turn your weight loss program into a detoxification regime benefitting you in a variety of ways. Create an individualized program for weight that supports your goals.

Creating an Individualized Detoxification Plan for support of Weight Loss

STEP 1. Start Semaglutide once weekly injections

Your presribing physician will send in 6 week dosing vial with instructions on how much to dose each week. The injections are tapered slowly upward every 4-6 weeks based on benefit and response. You willl follow up with your physician every 4-5 weeks to determine the next approporiate dosing and frequency.

STEP 2. Eat clean!

Choose a diet plan such as Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, Whole Grain 31, Low grain diet, low-fat diet, or any past successful diet or routine.


Before starting a dietary program follow our quick start detox Core Restore weight loss program which includes a meal plan, a meal replacement shake, and the supporting nutrients for 7-10 days of detoxification. Patients report losing 5-8 lbs in the week of detox and also improved energy levels.

STEP 3. Cleanse!

Choose among the following options for cleaning up the microbiome. If you are working with a physician you can request they fill a prescription for:

  • Fluconazole 200mg and dose 1 tablet day OR
  • Nystatin and dose 3 tablets 2 times daily OR
  • Phytostan and dose 2 capsules 2 times daily AND
  • Berberine 500mg and dose 1 capsule daily 2 times daily while taking Fluconazole, Nystatin, or Phyostan.

STEP 4. Fast!

Choose a form of fasting that fits your current abilities. Fasting done in any form provides benefit. If doing a cleanse or any specialty diet for example, intermittent fasting can be done. A daily meal plan may skip breakfast, have a detox smoothie or shake for lunch, and have a more robust dinner. If fasting for longer periods of time any diet can be done with the addition of fasting 1 or up to 2 days. An example of this would be to eat dinner Tuesday evening, skip breakfast and lunch the next day or if feeling more adventurous skipping dinner Wednesday and Thursday breakfast and lunch and having dinner Thursday evening. Intermittent fasting is a shorter window and is often a good place to start to practice caloric restriction. There are also products that help patients reduce cravings but maintain a fasting state that can be added.

STEP 5. Detoxify!

Schedule infrared sauna therapy 3 times weekly for a length of 18 sessions. Depending on goals for weight loss this may be repeated as often as needed until reaching the desired weight loss goal.

Add vitamin and mineral supplements to improve liver function and detox pathways. We recommend Mitocore at 2 capsules twice daily. If doing the 7 days Core Restore program or Ultraclear 10 detox program, the required supplements are included in the kits for the first 7-10 days.

As a bonus therapy consider the Slim Shot or Super Detox Shot which can be done 1 x week for the first 3-4 weeks to receive a higher dose of Vitamin B12 and M.I.C (Methionine, Inositol, Choline) for enhancement of liver detoxification and fat burning. The Super Detox includes Glutathione which helps the body rid itself of chemicals.

STEP 6. Move more!

The greatest contributor toward the metabolism is muscle mass. Muscles arise naturally in children and youth as a result of elevated growth hormone and sex steroids. As we age these muscle promoting hormones decline leading to a gradual loss of muscle and subsequent decline in metabolism. The only way we can combat this loss is to be more active. It is absolutely true about muscle, if we fail to use it we will lose it. We can take hormones to slow the process and perhaps reverse it to some degree, but no herb or prescription can ever replace the benefits of straight up exercise and activity. When we are active we will have more muscle. That muscle leads to a higher metabolism and as a result weight loss and easier weight maintenance. We all need to move more for a host of other reasons including cardiovascular health, mental health, prevention of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia. There are very few chronic illnesses that fail to improve as a result of regular activity which raises the heart rate.