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Brain Regeneration Clinic

Brain Therapies

Explore our Brain Regeneration Clinic right next door to EVND providing the leading Brain Regeneration therapies including Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Neurofeedback Therapy, and Frequency Specific Microcurrent. The Brain Regeneration Clinic provides a diversity of alternative and leading therapies to improve brain function and optimize patient health outcomes. View our video for a virtual tour of all our services.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a tried and studied treatment that uses a pressurized hyperbaric chamber to increase solubility and saturation of oxygen, producing as a result, an abundance of free O2 molecules, which more easily spread through the body and most importantly to low oxygen tissues, organs, and the brain.

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Neurofeedback, sometimes called biofeedback, is a technique used to retrain brain waves toward optimal functioning. With Neurofeedback we are able to train Delta, Theta, Alpha, and Beta brainwaves and not only balance them, but strengthen positive neural pathways.

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Frequency Specific Microcurrent

Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM) is a revolutionary system of noninvasive treatment using microdoses of electric current combined with tissue and action-specific frequencies to repair and heal tissues and organs.

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Massage Therapy and Myopractics

Customized treatments to fit each individual’s needs in order to provide optimal results and improve the patient’s well-being.


Detox Therapies

Explore all of our detox therapies offered through the Brain Regeneration Clinic including Infrared Sauna and Detox Footbaths. The Brain Regeneration Clinic provides a diversity of alternative and leading therapies to support detox pathways. For current updates and individualized programs for detoxification read here. View our video for a virtual tour of all our services.

Infrared Sauna Therapy

The regular use of an infrared sauna for support of detoxification is one of the best things you can do to restore health and remain healthy. Infrared saunas penetrate deep into the body increasing heat shock proteins, inducing increased sweating, release of toxins, followed by increased longevity.

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Detox Footbaths

EVND feels that health outcomes are much stronger when detox strategies are diversified. Incorporating the Ionic Foot Bath into a detox plan can have profound effects in eliminating a variety of toxins from the body. Detox footbaths are great for children with Autism. Ask about our at home rental options.

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Lifestyle Detoxification

Every day, we are exposed to different toxins through our food and environment. Over time, those toxins build up in our bodies and can contribute to various health problems. At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we will often recommend regular detoxification as part of treatment for several different conditions.

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Conditions we treat

Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury

We are of the belief that many symptoms following concussive events are treatable, and in many cases reversible, more so if therapy is started soon after the trauma. The first step is to become informed about the available treatments found in the research to be supportive of recovery.

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Stroke Injury

Patients with concerns of recent stroke should be evaluated and treated at a local hospital before seeking treatment in our clinic. Once the patient has been properly diagnosed and released from the hospital, we can schedule a consultation and begin treatment within 36 hours of the initial symptoms. The sooner we can begin treatment, the faster the recovery appears to be based on the current research.

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The gradual or sudden onset of psychiatric symptoms in children such as anxiety, irrational fears, extreme emotions or outbursts, obsessive compulsive disorder, attention disorders, or tics, arise from an autoimmune response affecting the brain. These symptoms are secondary to inflammation in the brain that is attributed to the condition known as pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric syndrome(PANS).

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Autism or autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disorder that appears in children generally within the first 2-3 years of life. There are many subtypes of autism and each person will have their own strengths and challenges. Our approach to Autism is inherently personalized to the needs of each patient.

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Breast Implant Illness (BII)

We now know that implants are harmful to our health. They contain numerous chemicals that ultimately cause disruption in how the immune system functions. Implants drive local abnormal immune and inflammatory reactions in the breast due to the body’s innate ability to detect the presence of a foreign object.

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Mold and Biotoxin Illness

Toxicity from mold exposure is a common root issue for many mysterious health concerns. Mold releases toxins known as mycotoxins into the air, which are inhaled, then absorbed into the body. Mold exposure and its resultant biotoxin illness is more common than most doctors acknowledge and most people believe.

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Chronic Lyme Disease

The infection Borrelia Burgdorferi, also known as Lyme disease, was once thought to isolate to the northeastern portion of the United States. It is now known to have spread, and has been diagnosed in the southwestern states, and is now epidemic in parts of Europe and China.

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Alzheimers and Dementia

New and significant research has been done in recent years in the combat against cognitive decline which includes vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Doctors and researchers are discovering new ways to help prevent and even reverse these diseases.

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Long COVID Syndrome

Acute COVID infections may be on the decline but chronic or long hauler COVID is becoming more apparent and disabling for many individuals. Post COVID Syndrome is characterized by persisting symptoms of fatigue, brain fog, shortness of breath, and malaise following COVID-19 infection.

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Small Fiber Neuropathy

Small Fiber Neuropathy is a disabling form of peripheral neuropathy that is increasing in prevalence among young non-diabetic patients. As we have evaluated and treated patients diagnosed with various types of small fiber neuropathies, we have observed that each patient’s root causes are uniquely different.

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