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Adolescent Depression & Anxiety

As parents, we are all concerned about the physical and emotional well-being of our children. Sometimes our children are suffering with anxiety or depression that is often attributed to symptoms of normal adolescent aging. Certainly, teenagers can have their moments and times, but if their irregular moods become constant, recurrent, or extreme, professional help should be sought. This treatment program focuses on identifying and treating the underlying causes of your child’s anxiety or depression, not just the symptoms. Because of our specialized approach and treatment, we can avoid unnecessary and unwanted side effects, which some prescription medications can cause. Each child will have a program tailored to their specific needs and can expect to see significant improvement.

An initial consult includes a thorough history of the patient’s mood, current health concerns, and nutritional status. In addition, very individualized testing will be recommended including Neurotransmitter Testing and specific blood tests to determine current health status and the presence of deficiencies, hypoglycemia, and thyroid function.  The results of these tests, combined with a nutritional consult, will determine an individualized treatment protocol for optimal functioning of your child’s mood. In some cases, counseling may also be recommended to retrain your child’s least effective thought patterns.

In addition to the specialized testing offered we recommend homeopathy. Homeopathy offers yet another individualized approach to the treatment of mood disorders. Through a detailed set of questions, your physician is able to determine a specific remedy that fits your child’s specific needs. No two children are quite the same. A homeopathic remedy will help correct and heal any imbalances, bring optimal health for your child, and maximize the other recommended therapies. Homeopathy is a gentle and effective form of natural medicine that helps reduce your child’s symptoms without causing unwanted side effects and is safe to use while on prescription medication.

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