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Adrenal Rejuvination Program

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The Adrenal Rejuvenation Program is designed for individuals who have extreme exhaustion, lack of motivation, and loss of interest in things that normally bring pleasure.

Other physical and emotional symptoms that can occur with adrenal exhaustion include irritability, anger, melancholy, hot flashes, insomnia, and even depression. These symptoms occur because of chronic stress, long-term illness, or sudden and intense health problems with slow recovery. The adrenals bear the stress in the short term, but eventually become exhausted and a patient may present with the above symptoms.

Evaluation of adrenal function begins with a specialized Adrenal Function Testing to determine cortisol rhythm, DHEA, and levels of adrenaline being produced by the adrenals. Many women seek alternatives, like hormone replacement therapy, to treat common menopausal symptoms. What most patients don’t know is that many of these symptoms arise from adrenal “burnout”. DHEA is produced predominantly by the adrenals at menopause and stimulates normal levels of testosterone and estrogen. A sub-optimal functioning adrenal gland will not produce optimal DHEA levels. If you think your adrenal function may be underactive, an Adrenal Health Questionaire can help determine if testing is necessary.

The results of this testing help your physician create a highly focused treatment for quick adrenal recovery. The therapy will focus on nutrient and herbal therapies designed to restore and maintain optimal adrenal function. A guidebook is also provided which is designed for understanding the causes of stress and how to decrease the symptoms.

Weekly Acupuncture treatments offer additional support which will significantly enhance your rate of adrenal recovery. Acupuncture treatments help patients to relax and feel more grounded in their daily lives.

In addition, high-dose nutrient Energy IV’s may be recommended to enhance the recovery and improve energy immediately. Specially designed nutrient IVs provide a potent addition to nutritional therapies because they are not dependent upon absorption through the GI tract. Nutrient IVs are also potent due to the high concentrations, not typically available through oral dosing.

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