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Hormone Therapy and Fibromyalgia

By February 20, 2013October 30th, 2014No Comments

It seems these days everything gets blamed on hormone deficiencies or imbalances. Hormone deficiency affects the thyroid, adrenals, and of course the ovaries (in women), and testes (in men). Hormone deficiencies when treated appropriately, add such a significant benefit, it is often astounding the patients’ responses. Often, good intentioned doctors, utilize only hormones to solve some of life’s most complex disease cases, but without consistent success. It is true that often people experience miraculous recoveries when starting hormone therapy, but that is because, that is the only thing wrong with them. But the proper restoration and balancing of thyroid, estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, and even adrenaline, can really boost natural occurring energy and vitality. By itself, it is rare that a patient would fully recover, or even have fibromyalgia, with just testosterone or estrogen being low. Proper hormone balancing and replacement is part of the complete package. Sometimes men having difficulty with a lagging libido or sexual dysfunction. This may persist for years before being given a cream or injection with a significant and obvious improvement in just 1-2 weeks on replacement therapy.

Women may find an immediate improvement in mood and sleep. Hormones affect how we handle stress, when they are low so is our resistance to stress conditions. Hormones, although often associated with sexual function and desire, are more likely to improve general wellbeing, motivation, and recovery from physical and mental stress. It has become one of my favorite therapies to prescribe, due to its obvious and delightful effects on patients. Patients often ask what is the best method for hormone replacement? There are creams, lozenges, capsules, injections, and even pellets. All these delivery methods work well, and it is just a matter of choice of application, and what best serves the needs of the patient. Hormones improve Fibromyalgia buy improving recovery from stress and exercise. They enhance mood, general wellbeing, sleep, and often sex. Hormones are sometimes the finishing touches on a well-designed lifestyle and recovery program.

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