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Hydrogen Peroxide Nebulizer Therapy

By April 7, 2020November 14th, 2023No Comments

The following therapy requires a nebulizer, a machine that  delivers specific medicines to the areas it passes when breathing it in through the nose and mouth such as: the sinuses, throat, bronchial tract and lungs. These are the most common tissues that are affected by different pathogens including viruses. One of the most efficacious therapies nebulized is 3% Hydrogen peroxide (H202). It can be found at any grocery store, pharmacy or amazon and is very inexpensive. H202 has many functions, but one of its greatest benefits is aiding the body in ridding viruses.  These treatments can be used preventively as well. Daily H202 nebulization therapy may be helpful at stopping even low levels of viral growth, perhaps even undetected by the body. EVND is highly recommending that our patients continue to be proactive with their health and this is yet another extremely effective and inexpensive way for us all to do that. 

FYI: Therapy is available for in state patients only. For out of state patients if you alraedy have a nebulizer or have a primary care physician who could give you an order for one and would like to set up an appointment to learn more, we have a Modified New Patient Appointment. Please inquire through the front desk by calling (480) 985-0000.

EVND’s Nebulizing Protocol

Requirements: Nebulizer, Face mask connection, 3% hydrogen peroxide(1/2 capful or 1 tsp)

Acute illness: If symptoms like a runny nose or sore throat are already present then we recommend 10 minute sessions 4 times a day minimally for several days until feeling better. 

Prevention: During this time we recommend that everyone do it 1-2 x day

Caution: If 3% is too irritating to the sinuses then it can be diluted with filtered water until it is tolerated. Can start with 50/50 of Hydrogen Peroxide to RO or distilled water and increase from there. This is a very safe therapy.

Option 1: If Hydrogen Peroxide is irritating than consider one of the following changes:

#1 Replace H2O2 with silver instead

#2 Purchasing a 4 oz glass bottle of normal saline from our office for a better dilution. To start, mix 2 droppers of the normal saline with 1/4 tsp of the H202 into the nebulizing bowl to be nebulized. You can continue to increase by 1/4 tsp up to 1 tsp based on benefit and tolerability.

EVND has nebulizers for those who don’t have one that includes a mask. The mask is essential for this treatment rather than just the oral device as it allows for the medicine to get into the sinus cavity as well. Total equipment costs approximate $65 for the needed supplies.