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Allergy season is upon us, are you ready?

Spring is upon us, the weather is warming up and the flowers are blooming which only means one thing…allergies.
Allergy season is no fun and can definitely put a damper on enjoying this beautiful season. Thankfully East Valley Naturopathic Doctors (EVND) have treatments that can help conquer allergy season and help you enjoy spring.

Natural Allergy Relief

  • Most of the time, preventing allergies involves pills or medication, but with our natural allergy relief treatment, all that’s needed is plenty of water, healthy food, adequate sleep and a regular exercise schedule. It can also help to make sure air filters in the home are changed, pets are out of bedrooms and windows are closed.
      • Note: It’s also important to realize that food sensitivities can influence allergy symptoms too. At EVND, you can be tested for food allergies and experts can tell you what foods to remove from your diet for a few months to see how your allergies improve.

Allergy Panel IgE

  • Exposure to common airborne triggers such as dust mites, cockroaches, pet dander, plants, and molds, can result in asthma and rhinitis. The Allergy Panel IgE test done at EVND can help determine airborne allergens you may have. It requires one vial of blood and can easily be done on small children, much better than skin testing.

If you are bound to have allergies this spring season, make sure to talk to an expert at East Valley Naturopathic Doctors to see what the best solution is for you so you can enjoy the great outdoors this spring season.