Lyme & Infectious Diseases


The infection of Borrelia Burgdorferi, also known as Lyme disease, was once isolated to the northeastern states of the United States. It is now known to have spread, has been diagnosed in the southwestern states, and is epidemic in parts of Europe and China. Lyme has been a disease of great mystery due to its multiple forms and locations-it may hide within the human body. Its effects are wide-ranging, from systemic pain to central nervous system effects, and so it has been labeled the” great imitator.” Adding to the confusion and difficulty, a diagnosis is not so straightforward. This is probably the reason that modern medicine has failed and continues to fail, to recognize and treat Lyme disease. In essence, testing of active Lyme disease produces positive results less than half the time.

The inability to accurately assess and determine the degree of Lyme disease effects on a single individual has led to great confusion, even amongst clinicians, in how to treat the disease. Although testing accuracy has improved, Lyme disease is complicated significantly by other immune- influencing factors that have, in recent years just come to light. For example, we now know that ticks, mice, and even mosquitoes have found to carry Lyme disease. In addition, many other infectious agents are co-inhabiting and are passed simultaneously with Lyme disease. These infections include other bacteria, viruses, and even parasites.

Therefore we have two types of Lyme-infected patients presenting in our East Valley Naturopathic Doctors Clinic. Lyme can cause acute symptoms, as can many other infectious agents such as bacteria, virus, parasites, and fungi or yeast. These patients present with new-onset symptoms within days, weeks, and perhaps a few months of exposure to Lyme disease. The other group of patients we see have been infected sometime in the past. They may have had some degree of acute symptoms, but they were not sufficient to seek medical help or were misdiagnosed as a mild respiratory infection or Influenza virus. More than 50% of Lyme patients do not recall seeing a bulls-eye rash distinct to acute infections. What can complicate this picture, even more, is that an old infection might have lain dormant for decades only to be awakened or intensified by a new exposure to a viral or bacterial infection.

It is also very likely, as I will explain later, that a combination of viruses, bacteria, fungi, and even parasites having been kept in check, but,  due to reasons still too complex for immunology to understand, they have become reactivated. One example is the patient who has a history of Mononucleosis or Epstein-Barr virus (EBV). Epstein -Barr virus causes both mental and physical fatigue, aggravating even mood and is often confused by many physicians as depression. It might have lain dormant for years, but now with new and acute exposures, it will reactivate. This has led to the conclusion that many patients with Lyme disease are, in effect, co-infected with other viral, fungal, parasitic, and other bacterial infections. We know this because we have tested for them. We find in many cases the most severely and most difficult patients to treat have a combination of all types of infections, with the average being 3-5 infections simultaneously. A Lyme disease treatment program focused only on one area of the possible disease may have some benefit, but will be limited in its total ability to eradicate all symptoms, or symptoms will return soon after stopping successful, but partial, protocols.

Historically and currently the treatment of Lyme disease has required the use of antibiotics. The type, dosing schedule, and duration of antibiotics are dependent on the length and type of symptoms present as well as the co-infections, whether from a new or previous exposure. The use of antibiotics produces its own side effects, such as yeast overgrowth, that is part of the underlying problem, and need to be treated and minimized while on long-term antibiotic therapy. Effective Lyme treatment requires effective co-treatment of yeast and candida species overgrowth.

Depending on the duration of a patient’s symptoms, other bodily systems that support energy, mood, and Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) pathways are often affected. Patients often report that through their recovery is much improved, they rarely feel as good as they did before they became ill. We find that other systems, such as the endocrine and neurotransmitter systems (part of the ANS), have to be restored to their optimal function. This requires not just treating all realized and unrealized infections but evaluating and treating deficiencies and imbalances that occur as a result of the body’s attempt to continue to function while being attacked by serious infectious diseases attacking the body over months, and often decades.

The diagnostic workup of chronic Lyme and other infectious agents requires reviewing every functioning system in the body including the immune, endocrine, and the neurotransmitter or stress response systems. With good evaluation and treatment protocols, we can eradicate Lyme and other infectious agents, restore optimal functioning of energy and stress response, improve mood, and calm pain pathways, leading toward a full recovery.


After 15 years of trying to discover new and more effective treatments for Lyme Disease and co-infection treatments, we recommend the following 10 step program for eradication and recovery. You may have already completed some of the steps prior to your diagnosis and may not be in your current program. We want you to feel comfortable with the complexity of the different prescriptions, herbs and protocols we recommend and understand their importance.

Lyme Disease Step 1Lyme disease is caused by bacteria which is spread by ticks and can be passed from an infected pregnant mother to her child. The most common sign of the infectious disease is an expanding area of redness on the skin that is neither painful or itchy and appears about a week after a bite. A few other signs of Lyme disease include fever, headaches, and tiredness. If not treated, symptoms can also lead to loss of ability to move one or both sides of the face, joint pain, neck stiffness, or heart palpitations. Those diagnosed with Lyme disease may experience joint pain and swelling months to years later. Aside from proper treatment, 10-20% of people may develop memory problems and feel tired for 6 months.

After 15 years of trying to discover an effective treatment for Lyme Disease, we now recommend a 10 step program for recovery, with a 98% success rate.

The first step we recommend to Lyme disease recovery is decreasing the presence of yeast or Candida species, in your system. Yeast are microscopic, single-celled organisms and can cause several diseases. Candida is a form of yeast and helps with digestion and nutrient absorption. A very small amount lives in your mouth and intestines but when overproduced, can cause a variety of health problems.

When there is an overgrowth of yeast within the intestinal tract, your immune function decreases, elevating allergy response and food reactivity. Too much Candida tends to lead to brain fog and is a factor for chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. It also has been associated with depression, PMS, sleep dysregulation, and irritability. Yeast overgrowth also increases the presence of biofilm activity which leads to greater difficulty in effectively treating Lyme and chronic bacterial or parasitic infections. Cost of probiotics averages $60 monthly depending on strength or quality of the product.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we want you to feel confident in your journey to recovery and ask you call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Lyme Disease Step 2Every year, 300,000 people are affected by Lyme disease in the United States. Once a person is bitten by a tick, with the bacteria that causes Lyme disease, they can experience symptoms anywhere from 3 to 30 days later. Whether a person contracts Lyme disease usually depending on the kind of tick, where you were when the bite occurred and how long the tick was attached to you. Symptoms can vary in a wide range, depending on the stage of the infection. A few of the symptoms include a red rash that doesn’t itch or hurt, headaches, fever, joint pain, loss of mobility in the face, and fatigue. If the infection progresses, symptoms can lead to loss of muscle tone, irregular heartbeat, brain and spine inflammation, and shooting pain or tingles in hands and feet.

Doctors diagnose Lyme disease through symptoms and the patient’s history of tick exposure, they can also do blood tests. If blood is drawn within the first week of the disease, the test may come up as negative since it takes a few weeks for antibodies to develop.

While some doctors recommend antibiotics to treat Lyme disease, we have created a 10 step program to help our patients get on the road to recovery.

The second step in our Lyme disease recovery program that we recommend to our patients is to decrease and eradicate known or suspected parasitic infections. Parasites usually come from consuming food while visiting foreign countries, or due to food imported from around the world that has spent time with multiple exposures. People are known to get parasites from food such as sushi and from domesticated cats and dogs. Having a parasite, or several, typically results in fatigue, gastrointestinal symptoms, hair loss, and reduce your immune system. Lyme disease and other bacteria, viruses, and organisms can be found residing within parasites which is why it is important to reduce parasites within the intestines while treating Lyme.

Our first step generally is sufficient and involves a herbal product called Paragard at an approximate cost of $30 monthly. This treatment course often starts the first month with the Cowden protocol and persists for the first 3 months. Starting in months 4 and 5 of the Cowden protocol I recommend taking Para1 for 2 months depending on benefit or response, with an average cost of $30 monthly. Para1 supports parasite treatment by ridding the intestines and mucoid accumulations associated with histamine response over many years.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we want our patients suffering from Lyme disease to feel confident in their journey to recovery. Please feel free to call us with any questions or concern you may have.

Lyme Disease Step 3Each year, the United States has well over 300,000 new cases of Lyme disease. Caused by bacteria transmitted by ticks, Lyme disease has been known to affect joints, the heart, and the nervous systems. Symptoms can show up between 3-30 days. A few symptoms include a red skin rash, fevers, headaches, joint pain, and fatigue. Lyme disease is diagnosed by symptoms, physical findings, and the possibility of tick exposure.

For 10 years, we at East Valley Naturopathic Doctors have been trying to find and discover a more effective treatment. After several years, we have developed a 10-step program that we recommend to our patients who have been diagnosed with Lyme disease.

Step 3 of our 10-step recovery program for Lyme disease is decreasing the excess growth of bad bacteria within the small intestine. Several of our chronically ill patients show gastrointestinal symptoms such as constipation, bloating, diarrhea, IBS, or pain while eating. With these symptoms, patients may be diagnosed with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, otherwise known as SIBO. SIBO is caused by an overgrowth of bacteria that feeds upon certain sugars and fibers. If you or a family member is diagnosed with SIBO, we recommend you follow a special diet that keeps the bad bacteria from feeding off those sugars and fibers. People with Lyme disease and SIBO need functioning bowels in order to support detoxification sufficiently. Besides extracting the necessary nutrients, the intestines also concentrate and eliminate toxins.

Step 3 of our recovery program, uses herbs, a specific diet and sometimes prescriptions to reduce the buildup of “bad bacteria” in your system and enhance detox pathways.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we want you to be confident in your recovery and understand every step along the path to wellness. Feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Lyme Disease Step 4Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks typically found in grassy and wooded areas. Each year, the United States has over 300,000 people diagnosed with Lyme disease. That is 1.5 times the number of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and 6 times the number of people diagnosed with AIDS.

After years of research and trying to find a more effective treatment for Lyme disease, we have created a 10-step recovery program for those diagnosed.

The 4th step in our recommended 10 step recovery programs for Lyme disease is changing your diet to reduce inflammatory and immune reactive foods. Since every person is a unique individual, there is no longer a generic list of good or non-reactive foods. Having a diet for a disease is very individualized.

Based on testing over the years, we have come to a few conclusions for which testing can help confirm the right diet for an individual. Many people with Lyme disease react to gluten. This can be tested with Wheat Zoomer or Great Plain IgG to determine the degree of food reactivity. SIBO evaluation can also provide dietary recommendations. We typically recommend that our patients first avoid all gluten, dairy, and yeast dominant foods before testing, to confirm that you are reactive foods. Your doctor will be able to help you decide what would be most helpful throughout your recovery period.

Overall, step 4 is meant to help our patients clean up their diet by avoiding bread, sugars, processed foods, sodas, and eat more fruits, vegetables, non-gluten grains, organic animal protein, and healthy fats. For specific testing and concern for “leaky gut” I recommend the Wheat Zoomer at a cost of $200 max out of pocket with insurance or $299 without insurance. Or consider the Great Plains IgG food intolerance test that evaluates for gluten, dairy, candida, and 100 other foods. Your doctor can help decide which would be best.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we use natural means to treat health problems, not just to soothe symptoms, we offer natural therapies to remove symptoms permanently. With our 10-step recovery program for those diagnosed with Lyme disease, we hope to help you feel comfortable and confident while on the road to recovery. If you have any question or concerns, please feel free to call us.

Lyme Disease Step 5If you have Lyme disease, you will probably have a “bullseye” shaped red rash, fever, headaches, muscle and joint pain, and fatigue. Lyme disease is caused by a bacteria that is found in ticks. If left untreated, this disease can make its way to the nervous system, heart, and joints. It is diagnosed based on symptoms and the possibility of being exposed to ticks.

Every year, the United States reports over 300,000 cases of Lyme disease. There is currently no vaccine to prevent the disease, however, can lead to a full recovery if caught in the early stages. At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we’ve spent years trying to come up with more effective treatment and have finally created a 10-step program to help our patients get on the road to recovery.

Starting herbal and prescription treatments for Lyme disease are the 5th step in our 10-step program to recovery for Lyme disease. We, after years of studying a number of Lyme protocols, have gathered a combination of mainly herbal protocols for Lyme disease treatment. After years of researching antibiotic protocols, we came to the conclusion that antibiotics just don’t work with Lyme disease and its co-infections. Fortunately, natural herbs combined with synergistic formulas have a strong antibacterial effect on Lyme bacteria. We have seen more success by treating Lyme disease naturally, than with any conventional prescriptions. Since Lyme disease is such a difficult infection to treat, this is very exciting news!

In short, step 5 is to follow a synergistic herbal program to get rid of Lyme and its co-infections.

Testing always reveals nutritional deficiencies difficult to determine by any specific symptom alone. Optimal nutrient support can possibly be met with a nutrient dense Multi-Vitamin. Average cost is $30-50 monthly. Severely depleted nutrients may require additional dosing, but will only be discovered after micro-nutrient evaluation. Micro-Nutrient testing costs $199 max out-of-pocket with insurance or $299 without.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, our 10-step treatment program for Lyme disease recovery can be very helpful for you. We want you to feel confident and comfortable while on the road to recovery and ask you to call us with any questions or concerns.

Lyme Disease Step 6Lyme disease can be found all around the world. Transmitted by ticks. The United States has well over 300,000 cases of Lyme disease every year! Symptoms of the infectious disease include a red rash, joint pain, headaches, and fatigue. These symptoms can appear anywhere from 3 to 30 days after being bitten by a tick.

As of right now, there is no vaccine that can prevent the disease, but there are antibiotics that can help if treated in the early stages. After 15 years of working on a more effective treatment, we at East Valley Naturopathic Doctors now recommend our 10-step program to help patients on the road to recovery.

The sixth step in our program to Lyme disease recovery is adding regular IV therapy to support your immune response. IV therapy can purge toxins from your system to improve the effectiveness of our Lyme protocols. Lyme disease and other infectious diseases take advantage of weakened immune systems. When your immune system is reduced, it will need a boost to drag itself out of its exhausted state. To promote the most effective response, we will kill the bacterial infections and flush, or detox your lymph system of debris. Intravenous therapy is one of the most effective therapies to boost the immune and detox function. A few of these therapies include Ozone therapy, Hydrogen Peroxide, high dose Vitamin C and Detox Defender with glutathione. If you have an autoimmune disease, a common concern is needed to remove toxic heavy metal which has accumulated over a lifetime from amalgams, vaccines, metal implants, and polluted air and water supplies. After appropriate testing and evaluation, chelation therapy may also be recommended.

IV therapy is completed once every 2 weeks through the duration of the Lyme protocol which is recommended 9 months. Average IV therapy cost is $140 per IV session.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, our 10-step recovery program can help you feel confident on your road to recovery. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.

Lyme Disease Step 7Lyme disease is a tick-borne illness caused by a bacteria known as Borrelia burgdorferi. You can contract Lyme disease passively, through a tick bite, if the tick that bites you is infected with the bacteria. When someone is bitten by a tick, symptoms can show up anywhere from 3-30 days. Symptoms of Lyme disease include:

  • Red rash (Sometimes looking like a bullseye.)
  • Headaches
  • Fever
  • Chills
  • Swollen lymph nodes
  • Joint pain
  • Heart palpitation
  • Brain and spinal cord inflammation

The rash can expand during a series of days and can be as large as 12 inches. It may feel warm when you touch it, but it will not hurt or itch. It can show up anywhere on the body.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we have spent well over 10 years of trying to find a more effective treatment for Lyme disease. We have created a 10-step program to help our Lyme disease patients recover from the illness.

Step 7 on our recovery program focuses on treating cortisol, DHEA, thyroid, testosterone, estrogen/progesterone, and other hormone deficiencies. Evaluations will help determine concern and possible benefit from hormone replacement. We will also perform an evaluation of adrenal function to rule out adrenal fatigue.

Some hormone therapies are prescribed as available prescriptions through your regular pharmacy and some may require compounding which is an additional expense out of pocket, but usually is no more than $50 per month.

Lyme disease is a serious illness and effects well over 300,000 people each year in the United States. If you or a loved one suffers from Lyme disease, we recommend you joining our 10-step program to help you recover from this infectious disease. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office. We care for our patients and want you to feel confident on your road to recovery.

Lyme Disease Step 8Lyme disease is an infectious disease that affects over 300,000 people in the United States each year. Transmitted through tick bites, the disease comes with symptoms like fatigue, a red rash, headaches, joint pain and cognitive decline. Symptoms can appear anywhere from 3 to 30 days from the time of the tick bite and last for years if not treated.

Over the course of 15 years, East Valley Naturopathic Doctors have developed a 10-step program to help our patients recover from Lyme disease. The 10-steps we recommend can all be evaluated throughout your treatment, with standard labs in order to monitor your progress towards recovery.

Step 8 in our 10-step program for Lyme disease recovery is treating neurotransmitter deficiencies such as serotonin, adrenaline, noradrenaline, and dopamine. Neurotransmitters help us manage our mood and the stress in our lives. When you’re fighting Lyme disease, anxiety and depression are common. Whether your depression or anxiety was present before contracting Lyme disease or not, most people diagnosed with the infectious disease begin feeling depressed. This depression may be caused by a feeling of fatigue which is brought on by your body’s constant struggle to managing Lyme in the background of your day-to-day life. The constant strain on your mood stabilizing chemicals, to produced and react in your body and brain can result in glandular fatigue. The constant strain upon your glands can, in fact, drain the pool of transmitters that are needed to stabilize your emotions.

In short, step 8 of our recovery program for Lyme disease helps to rebuild the neurotransmitter system by evaluating neurotransmitters through blood work and possible support through amino acid precursors.

Medications are rarely prescribed, but instead natural precursor amino acids to serotonin, dopamine, adrenaline are given to support and restore the optimal balance of brain and gut neurotransmitters. Generally cost averages here about $40 per month

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we want what is best for our patients. If you or a loved one is struggling with Lyme disease, schedule an appointment with us and we will help you get on our 10 step program so you can begin your road to recovery.

Lyme Disease Step 9Lyme disease is an infectious illness that is transmitted through tick bites. Symptoms of Lyme disease include headaches, fever, fatigue, facial paralysis, joint pain, and a red rash sometimes shaped like a bullseye. Lyme disease symptoms can appear anywhere from 3 to 30 days from the time of the bite.

If you believe you or a loved one has Lyme disease, we at East Valley Naturopathic Doctors have developed a 10 step recovery program to help patients diagnosed with Lyme disease. This program is meant to help you get back to your normal life and to help you feel better than you did prior to the illness.

Step 9 consists of training your brain by mapping your brain activity and using Neurofeedback to improve your brain function. Chronic infections, such as Lyme disease, create chronic inflammation which crosses the blood-brain barrier. The inflammation causes derangements in brainwave patterns and leads to mood dysregulations, cognitive decline, and sleep difficulty. Unfortunately, there are no drugs or herbs that are capable of resetting these offset patterns; neurofeedback, however, has proven effective.

Neurofeedback is a neural reprogramming system used to build better neural pathways in the brain, making your mental facility more productive and effective. This therapy can restore your brain function to its pre-Lyme disease capacity, and in many cases, even better than it was before! Neurofeedback therapy is guided by a QEEG, a picture of the electrical activity of the brain to show poor and well-functioning regions. This may begin during the second month of the Lyme treatment if cognitive, sleep or mood symptoms are present.

The cost for Neurofeedback is based on a package of 20 Neurofeedback sessions, with repeat brain maps for follow up and recalibration of protocols every 10 sessions, at $2,170.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we want our patients to feel comfortable and confident during the recovery process. We have your best intentions at heart and look forward to taking your call and answering your questions and concerns regarding our Lyme disease recovery program.

Lyme Disease Step 10Lyme disease is a tick-transmitted disease that causes a red rash, fatigue, headaches, fevers, facial paralysis, and joint pain. Once bitten by an infected tick, symptoms can show up anywhere from 3 to 30 days. If symptoms occur, it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. If not treated, the disease can last for years.

Lyme disease is a serious illness and affects well over 300,000 people in the United States and Europe. Those diagnosed with Lyme disease may be treated with antibiotics but those treatments are prolonged and very expensive. At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, however, we a 10-step recovery program that has an almost 100% success rate, takes a fraction of the time of traditional treatments and is much more affordable.

At EVND, we have implemented the most effective treatments for the last 15 years to help our patients recover from Lyme disease. Our 10-steps aren’t geared toward symptom alleviation, we systematically treat underlying causes. Each of our 10 steps can be continually evaluated through blood work and other tests to track your treatment’s progress.

The final step of our 10 step recovery program for Lyme disease patients is establishing a personal biofield with NES scan and treatment. The NES scan picks up on energy or neural communication block found along your bodies meridians and correcting the imbalance in bioelectric or magnetic fields in your body. It is a newer form of evaluating, rather than measuring levels of nutrients or the physiology of the body. We are more electric than physiologic since our hearts and brains produce an electric field ranging from a diameter of 10-15 feet. NES scans provide therapies to help improve information flow through all the meridians of our bodies and can determine electrical neural communication blocks.

NES treatment and scans are recommended to be completed over a 6 month period for a cost of $775, including supplements.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we provide NES scans and treatments in order to help restore your normal biofield activity. If you or someone you know has been diagnosed with Lyme disease or are showing the symptoms, please schedule an appointment with us and we will get you on the track to recovery. Call today.

We hope this is helpful for you and invite you to not get overwhelmed with what you think you’re not doing or don’t know. We welcome you to call us with any questions or concerns you may have about Lyme Disease.