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Neurofeedback & Brain Mapping (QEEG)

Packages & Pricing

Neurofeedback, sometimes called biofeedback, is a technique used to retrain the brain. With this we are able to Alpha, Beta, Delta and Theta brainwaves and not only balance them, but strengthen positive neural pathways.

QEEG Brain Mapping is how we track the brain’s progress and needs to be done as a baseline, before Neurofeedback starts, and then every 10 sessions afterwards to track progress.

“The brain can do far more for itself than drugs or other invasions…The wisdom to self-regulate is contained in every brain.” – Thomas Collura, PH.D.

Neurofeedback is the leading therapy for shaping awareness, optimizing mood, enhancing learning, and increasing cognitive efficiency.

Brain dysfunction results from imbalances in electrical brain wave activity and patterns. Neuroplasticity research has proven the brain can rewire abnormal electrical activity in more productive and self-regulating patterns throughout our whole lifetime.

Neurofeedback is a cutting-edge, life-changing therapy, for those with symptoms of brain dysfunction or dysregulation, even from direct causes such as head traumas, toxic exposures, or unknown environmental insults resulting in abnormal brain wave patterns and wiring.

Neurofeedback also has the ability to change mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and feelings of being overwhelmed, by balancing electric activity of the brain between both hemispheres. In addition to enhanced mood, neurofeedback has the ability to affect learning disorders by enhancing the communication between different locations of the brain and by improving processing speed.



Brain Map includes QEEG collection, submittal to QEEG database, brain map analysis with a customized report and a follow-up visit to discuss brain map findings.

QEEG Brain Map for new patient of East Valley Naturopathic Doctors $450
QEEG Brain Map for current patient of East Valley Naturopathic Doctors $300

QEEG Repeat Brain Map to evaluate after 10 sessions of Neurofeedback, HBOT, FSM, or Photobiomodulation $175


Sessions are tailored to each individual and can include Iasis, 1,2,4, or 19 channel training.

Neurofeedback Training Individual Session $135/session

Neurofeedback Training Packages x 10(Includes 1 brain map) Total Package $1215

Neurofeedback Training Packages x 20(Includes 1-2 brain maps) Total Package $2295