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Lyme Disease Treatment Step 4 of 10

Lyme Disease Step 4Lyme disease is a bacterial infection transmitted by ticks typically found in grassy and wooded areas. Each year, the United States has over 300,000 people diagnosed with Lyme disease. That is 1.5 times the number of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and 6 times the number of people diagnosed with AIDS.

After years of research and trying to find a more effective treatment for Lyme disease, we have created a 10-step recovery program for those diagnosed.

The 4th step in our recommended 10-step recovery program for Lyme disease is changing your diet to reduce inflammatory and immune-reactive foods. Since every person is a unique individual, there is no longer a generic list of good or non-reactive foods. Having a diet for a disease is very individualized.

Based on testing over the years, we have come to a few conclusions for which testing can help confirm the right diet for an individual. Many people with Lyme disease react to gluten. This can be tested with Wheat Zoomer or Great Plain IgG to determine the degree of food reactivity. SIBO evaluation can also provide dietary recommendations. We typically recommend that our patients first avoid all gluten, dairy, and yeast-dominant foods before testing, to confirm that they are reactive foods. Your doctor will be able to help you decide what would be most helpful throughout your recovery period.

Overall, step 4 is meant to help our patients clean up their diet by avoiding bread, sugars, processed foods, and sodas, and eating more fruits, vegetables, non-gluten grains, organic animal protein, and healthy fats. For specific testing and concern for “leaky gut,” I recommend the Wheat Zoomer at a cost of $200 max out of pocket with insurance or $299 without insurance. Or consider the Great Plains IgG food intolerance test that evaluates for gluten, dairy, candida, and 100 other foods. Your doctor can help decide which would be best.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we use natural means to treat health problems, not just to soothe symptoms, we offer natural therapies to remove symptoms permanently. With our 10-step recovery program for those diagnosed with Lyme disease, we hope to help you feel comfortable and confident while on the road to recovery. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us.

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