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How often should a QbCheck be performed?

How often is a Qb Test performed- EVNDQbCheck provides a valuable baseline measurement that can help to evaluate any future changes in hyperactivity, attention or impulsivity. The QbCheck is the only device cleared by the FDA to monitor how a patient is responding to treatment, which can aid in our ability to monitor and track your response to any treatment over time. As an example we can measure the response of a patient to a new medication within an hour of the first dosing, allowing both evidence of effect or the possibility of the need for higher doses to achieve the desired effect. As another example, the QbCheck can be repeated after a series of Neurofeedback sessions(along with a brain map) to evaluate progress in brain function. Having a tool that can provide great insight into diagnoses and treatment responses enables us to evaluate and customize your treatment like never before.


*We use an online version of QbTest, the FDA cleared QbCheck