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Pediatric Care


The goal of our “whole” child program is to nurture and sustain each child’s ability to learn, freely and happily engage with family members and others, recognize and develop individual talents and skills, and be free of chronic immune dysfunctions or irritants. Our child wellness programs are designed around leading alternative therapies proven in both research and thorough clinical practice to produce results. Through standard and alternative lab evaluations, root causes are discovered and treated using safe and nontoxic treatments.

Pediatric conditions treated by alternative medicine include:

  • Eczema
  • Ear infections (Acute and Chronic)
  • Food allergies
  • Allergies/Rhinitis
  • Constipation
  • ADD/HD
  • Autism
  • Asperger’s
  • Other mood disorders

Discovering the root causes of disease is helped significantly through good laboratory evaluation. Specific tests indicated by the presenting symptoms take much of the guesswork out of medicine, allowing for greater success with treatment protocols.

Evaluation of children can include the following methods:

  • Standard labs
  • Food intolerance testing
  • Organic acid testing
  • Candida testing
  • Cognitive function testing
  • Brain mapping

The treatment of children includes changes in diet, nutrient enhancement, mild detoxification from candida, immune enhancement, infection eradication, and neurofeedback.

Treatment of children can include any combination of the following:

  • Candida or yeast cleansing
  • Avoidance of food intolerances
  • Stimulation and support of immune function
  • Nutrient replacement or enhancement therapy
  • Neurofeedback for learning, behavioral, and mood disorders

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors we are able to treat children of all ages. Generally, ages 0-3 we begin to see the symptoms of eczema, ear aches, and allergies. At ages 3-5, we begin to recognize the beginnings of behavioral and learning abilities, both of which are greatly magnified as children begin to engage with others in the community and at school. Ages 5-18 are the school years where good diets (free of attention-draining allergens), good nutrients, candida-free intestines, good study habits, sleep, and regular outdoor activity support positive growth in children.

We are here to support positive and bright futures for your children by applying leading alternative therapies through these fast and chaotic years of physical, emotional, and cognitive growth.

For children with significant behavioral and learning deficits, we encourage our Neurofeedback Program. Evaluation includes online assessments allowing ongoing tracking and measurements of progress from all intervention types offered through the clinic. An evaluation for Neurofeedback begins with brain mapping and computer-based cognitive tests.