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What is a QbCheck and how can it help diagnose ADD and ADHD?

What is a Qb Test- EVNDThe QbCheck is a computer-based program combined with an infrared measurement system, that is able to measure attention ability, impulsivity, and movement activity(hyperactivity). Individual test results are compared with data from a control group consisting of people who are the same sex and age. A report comparing individual results to the controls provides a clear visual presentation of the presence of ADD/ADHD. QbCheck provides objective data for the presence of ADD/ADHD and more so when combined with quantitative QEEG or brain mapping. Besides utilizing QbCheck to evaluate ADD/ADHD, QbCheck can also be utilized to evaluate response to any treatment such as medication, neurofeedback, food allergy avoidance, and any other alternative or mainstream treatment. QbCheck is the only test in the world cleared by the FDA for this use, with East Valley Naturopathic Doctors leading your care in affordable evaluation and treatment options.


*We use an online version of QbTest, the FDA cleared QbCheck