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WE ARE OPEN – Here’s what we’re doing to keep you safe

By March 26, 2020December 10th, 2023No Comments


Dear Patients, 

East Valley Naturopathic Doctors are continuing to take extra precautions in our office in order to support our patients with their health needs. Below we outline our current policies for the safety of our patients and our staff during this confusing time. Due to the uncertainty of how long social distancing will continue we encourage our patients more now than ever to make the time to take care of yourselves. 

EVNDs updated policies and recommendations: 

  • We are continuing to offer blood draws onsight. We are adjusting our schedule, allowing for a larger space in between patients in order to clean the space efficiently and allow for less congregation in the waiting room.
  • We are continuing to offer Vitamin C (Super myers IVs and Immune booster IVs) as well as Immune Booster injections to assist with building general immunity for those that are interested. To continue with the social distancing rule we are allowing for only 1 patient at a time in our IV room. Our staff are gloved and masked when administering IVs. 
  • We are continuing to see patients through Video chat or via phone consults for those who don’t need to be seen in office for follow ups or appointments. Labs will be sent via email if they are being discussed at the time of the appointment so we can go over them together.
  • If you decide to come into the office for a visit or for any therapies if you prefer to wait in your car instead of our waiting room we can text you when the doctor is ready to take you back. Just notify us that this is your preference. 
  • We are continuing to not allow patients to come into the office who have symptoms of any acute nature (such as flu, cough, sore throat), but we can help you via Video chat instead. If you come into the office with a lingering cough, but no longer are in the acute state we will give you a mask to wear.
  • FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) is another tool that can be extremely helpful for boosting immunity and helpful in relieving stress and anxiety. Weekly treatments can be beneficial. They consist of laying in a room by oneself, warm wash cloths are placed on the body followed by the attachment of clips from the machine that are running the programs indicated. Treatments can take anywhere between 60 and 90 minutes.

  • We are continuing to do Neurofeedback at this time. We allow only one patient (or sibling pairs) in the room at a time. Parents are able to wait in their cars until the end of the visit to reduce community exposure.

We are here to support and help as best we can. We wish all our patients’ and their families continued health. 


Your Doctors and Staff at EVND