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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Facial Rejuvenation by Cannula

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is also used to rejuvenate specific areas of the faces by injecting PRP through a small cannula under the skin. A cannula is a blunt needle that slides under the skin’s surface allowing for placement of PRP into the desired areas while minimizing bruising. Deficits under the eye, following in the temples, and the loss of volume in the cheeks are some desired areas for treatment. For enhanced surface improvements this treatment can be combined with Micropen™ and also dermal fillers for volume restoration. This package includes 3 sessions to be done every 4-6 weeks. (Micropen and dermal fillers add additional costs.) PRP via cannula followed by micro-needling with PRP in the same visit create a synergistic effect.