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Homeopathic Treatment of Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety is the number one mental health concern in the United States. Approximately 18% of American adults are affected by anxiety, and many of these individuals also experience depression. If you or someone you know is affected by anxiety or depression, you know how much stress it can cause. These mood disorders can significantly interfere with a person’s daily activities, work, and relationships.

Conventional medications may help reduce the symptoms of anxiety or depression, but these medications can cause unwanted side effects such as fatigue or insomnia – symptoms that people with anxiety or depression usually already have!

For people who are interested in treating the underlying cause of their mood disorder, one of the safest and most effective treatments is classical homeopathic medicine. Homeopathy is a natural form of medicine which stimulates your body’s innate ability to heal. Rather than suppressing your symptoms like most conventional treatments, homeopathy helps you heal from the inside out, working towards a cure of your illness.

Your body has built-in mechanisms that allow you to heal. This is evident in cases of a cold or a small cut; your body mounts a reaction to the virus or the skin injury and initiates a healing response. Homeopathic medicine works with these innate mechanisms to restore health by speeding up the natural process of the healing. In the case of anxiety or depression, your body has the ability to correct underlying hormonal or chemical imbalances so that mood can be normalized; sometimes, however, we can forget how to heal. Homeopathic medicine reminds your body of how it can heal naturally by giving it a boost in the right direction to promote hormonal and chemical balance.

Homeopathic remedies are made from naturally occurring substances such as plants and minerals. There are hundreds of well-known homeopathic remedies, each made from its own natural substance. During the preparation process, the original substance is made into a solution which is diluted multiple times. For commercial production, small sublingual pills are coated with these highly diluted solutions to give them medicinal value as homeopathic remedies.Classical homeopathic medicine differs from most over-the-counter homeopathic formulas in that the over-the-counter preparations contain multiple homeopathic remedies, and classical homeopathic treatment uses a single remedy for a specific set of symptoms. The classical method is designed to treat each person as an individual, and usually yields better results.

There are no side effects from homeopathic remedies, so it is the ideal choice for anyone who is looking for alternatives to medications with unwanted adverse effects. This makes it very valuable for treating children or adolescents with behavioral or mood disorders, especially because of the increased risk of suicide associated with conventional anti-depressant medications in adolescents.

Homeopathy is also an excellent choice for women during pregnancy or lactation, and is often very effective for women with post-partum depression. Another advantage is that homeopathic medicine does not interact with conventional medications, so it is possible to begin homeopathic treatment while still taking other prescriptions.

Most people see positive results from homeopathic medicine within 2-4 weeks of treatment. Because homeopathy corrects the underlying cause rather than just treating the symptoms of anxiety or depression, you are likely to start feeling like yourself again without needing to be on medications for an extended period of time.

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