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Attention Deficit or Hyperactivity Disorder Program

The Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Program is about helping families function better by improving individual’s abilities to function optimally. These disorders can be difficult conditions for families to manage without the help of a qualified and caring physician. Lifestyle changes are most important. These changes are more effective if everyone in the family attempts to make them.  It helps the child suffering from ADD not to feel isolated or different from the rest of the family.  A sensitive and caring approach allows individual family members to understand the condition and treat it most effectively. The combined efforts of family members and the prescribed treatment from specialized testing will produce guaranteed results.

An initial consult includes a thorough history of the patient’s behavior and health concerns. In addition, very individualized testing will be recommended including IgG Food Intolerance Testing and Neurotransmitter Testing. Besides specific recommendations from test results, protocols based upon DAN Protocol organization and Feingold Diet ( may also be recommended.

In addition to the specialized testing offered we recommend homeopathy. Homeopathy offers yet another individualized approach to the treatment of Attention and Hyperactivity disorders. Through a detailed set of questions your physician is able to determine a specific remedy that fits your child’s needs specifically. No two children are quite the same. A homeopathic remedy will help correct and heal any imbalances and bring about optimal health for your child and maximize the other therapies recommended. Homeopathy is a gentle and effective form of natural medicine that helps reduce your child’s symptoms without causing unwanted side effects and is safe to use while on prescription medication.

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