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Testosterone Pellets For Men

Anti-Aging, increasing the quality and quantity of life, is always our goal at EVND.  Unfortunately it is the norm, rather than the exception, for men to have some of the following age related complaints;  fatigue, weight gain, increase in belly fat, memory loss, mental fog,  loss of drive, muscle/ joint aches and pains, loss of sex drive, difficulty having or maintaining an erection, depression, sleep disturbances, loss of muscle mass and high blood pressure.  Many just accept that this is part of aging. If you do not feel good, do not be complacent. The sooner therapy is started the easier it is to prevent further breakdown of your health. All of the symptoms listed above can be directly linked to testosterone deficiency. The first step is to have your levels tested with a simple blood test. Your symptoms and your levels will be looked at to determine therapy. The ‘normal’ range for testosterone is big. It is common for allopathic physicians to only see the range. If your levels are at the low end of the range and you have symptoms we can help bring your levels up to the higher end of the range. This movement within the ‘normal’ range can be the difference between feeling good or bad.


If it is determined that you would benefit from testosterone replacement, several options exist. Weekly injections, creams/gels, and pellets are the most popular. Testosterone pellets are an option many men are not aware of.  A simple in-office procedure places small (the size of a grain of rice) testosterone pellets under the skin. This route is thought to give a more steady state of testosterone to the system.  The pellet treatment usually lasts from 4-6 months.

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  • David Cole says:

    I’m looking for alternative treatments for scleraderma.
    cam you recomend any.