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Immune Injections

Immune injections in Mesa AZ help ward off the respiratory problems that crop up every school year, they present a significant rise in all types of infections . In recent years we have seen in our clinic, upper and lower respiratory infections, gastrointestinal infections, and flu symptoms. Our immune system becomes highly vulnerable when exposed to multiple infections from multiple sources. The doctors at EVND recommend monthly injections during the cold and flu season, which cause the immune system to be on alert and even act more aggressively before an infection can take hold. The use of natural injectables as a preventative for the flu and other viral infections has been shown in our clinic to be more effective than the yearly flu vaccine. We inject a natural medicine remedy called Engystol. Engystol is a combination of homeopathic remedies that activate the immune system, particularly in the case of influenza and other viral diseases, along with vitamin B12 . These injections can be done with adults and children who are able to tolerate an injection, such as vitamin B12.