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Tickborne Panel 1.0 and 2.0

Lyme and tickborne diseases have more than doubled in 13 years and result in 77% of all vector-borne disease reports. The most common tickborne diseases in the United States are Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Bartonella infections, Ehrlichiosis, Rickettsiosis, Rocky Mountain spotted fever (RMSF), and Lyme disease, which alone accounts for 82% of all cases. In addition to ticks, which are rarely if ever reported, mosquitos may also infect individuals with Lyme disease. Symptoms are often mild to debilitating and may cross over into various systems at once both confusing and significantly delaying diagnosis. Testing for Lyme and vector-borne illnesses has greatly improved when compared to the currently available insurance-based labs. The Vibrant Tickborne Panel 1.0 and 2.0 provide the most comprehensive testing for Lyme and vector-borne infections of any current lab in an affordable single panel.

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