Natural Killer Cells

The Natural Killer Cell(NKC) is the major  immune cell that fights against viruses and cancer. The initial assessment of immune function is done by measuring a CBC or complete blood count. This lab test is done routinely in primary care and emergency rooms. It is able to detect serious or life threatening conditions. The NKC test looks deeper at the types and activity of the immune cells.

NKC activity varies from patient to patient, no matter how the CBC appears, normal or deficient. NKC activity ranges from 0 to greater than 400uL, with normal values averaging 250uL.  In many of our patients with cancer, the NKC levels are less than 60 and some less than 10. At these levels the immune system has no fighting chance against cancer. With regular testing we can show, by the addition of natural immune supplements and some medications, that we can increase the NKC activity and numbers, improving immune awareness. The key to fighting cancer and even viruses naturally is high NKC activity and levels.