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Estrogen Metabolism Test(for women and men)

The Estrogen Metabolism Test measures the ratio of 2-hydroxy (E1-Estrone + E2-Estradiol) to 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone in a random urine sample. Evidence indicates that this ratio is relevant as a risk factor for estrogen-sensitive diseases including breast and cervical cancers as well as some autoimmune diseases. The ratio of 2-hydroxyestrone to 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone is not only a risk factor of breast cancer but also other conditions of inappropriate estrogen activity. Research indicates 16alpha-hydroxyestrone stimulates prolif­eration (cell growth), sometimes contraindicated in certain diseases, where 2-hydroxyestrone has been shown to be protective against or lessen risk of cancer. Because there is an optimal level of both 2- and 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone, a ratio comparing the two levels, known as the “2:16” ratio, can be very helpful. The 2:16 ratio is highly correlated with risk of breast cancer. In one study of 10,786 women, followed for 5.5 years, higher 2:16 ratios correlated with lower risk of breast cancer.

Cancers that react favorably to a higher 2:16 ratio

  • ER + breast cancer
  • ER – breast cancer
  • Prostate cancer
  • Cervical cancer
  • Ovarian cancer
  • Laryngeal cancer

16 alpha-hydroxyestrone has been found to be elevated in those at risk for breast cancer, as well as other conditions associated with hyperimmune activity such as sys­temic lupus and rheumatoid arthritis. In these populations 16 alpha-hydroxyestrone was 10 times higher than the control population

Testing for the urinary levels of 2-hydroxyestrone and 16 alpha–hydroxyestrone provides valuable insight re­garding disease risk. Improvements of the ratio can be made through dietary recommendations and supplements that specifically improve the 2OH pathway. We use the Dutch test, which is a dried urine test, to specifically look at the 2:16 pathways. We also find benefit with use of the Dutch test to evaluate the other sex and adrenal hormones instead of blood or saliva. To view a sample report click on the female or male report. DUTCH-Complete-Female-Report OR DUTCH-Complete-Male-Report