Environmental Toxicity

Environmental Toxicity - EVNDEnvironmental exposure to chemicals, pesticides, solvents, food additives, and heavy metals are on the rise. These toxic chemicals and synthetic materials have increased the risk of exposure to health threatening toxins. Causal relationships between toxic chemicals and diseases have been well established. However many patients endure chronic symptoms that are associated with exposure to toxins before advanced stages of specific diseases are realized. These environmental exposures can lead to fatigue, chronic inflammatory conditions, cancer, and immune suppression.  Thus, there is a great demand for noninvasive laboratory tests that can timely assess chemical exposure and the capability of hepatic detoxification. Naturopathic Physicians are poised as the leaders in the field of environmental detoxification.

Your environmental detoxification program begins with a comprehensive health history to determine past and present exposures. Specialized Environmental Toxicity Testing can determine toxicity levels and functioning of detoxification pathways. The information combined from testing and environmental exposure will be combined to create a custom detoxification program.

Your personalized program begins with a sound nutritional program to support detoxification pathways. Aggressive treatment with detoxifying IV Therapies will intensify and enhance your treatment program and insure maximum benefit. Your physician can help determine the best approach to improve your health.