Carotid Imaging (CIMT)

Carotid intima media thickness, or CMIT Imaging of the carotid arteries, as determined by B-mode ultrasound, is a measure of preclinical and generalized atherosclerosis (presence of plaque in the arteries). “The American Journal of Cardiology reported that, in 1 of 3 patients the FIRST sign of Coronary Artery Disease(CAD) was sudden death.”  That is quite startling. A simple and noninvasive procedure requiring an ultrasound exam of the the carotid arteries can help diagnose plaque presence long before it is life threatening. This test has been shown to be positively associated with coronary heart disease and stroke. Typical ultrasounds of the carotids measure blood flow. This unique test evaluates the thickness of the arterial wall, to catch the presence of plaque even earlier.

This simple imaging procedure, combined with a full cardiovascular workup andLLP+  blood panel, are fantastic tools for the Physicians at EVND, to evaluate your Cardiovascular Health.  We were able to negotiate with VasoLabs [] to reach a $100 cost for the CIMT procedure, which we then pass along this great price to our patients.

Carotid IMT Demo on Youtube

A Word to Patients About CIMT – Dr. Bryan Pogue on Youtube