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This procedure involves introducing ozone into the body through the rectum. This may sound like a strange thing to do; however, ozone is easily absorbed through the walls of the colon to the bloodstream. Ozone administration enhances oxygen utilization in the body which improves blood flow, helps reduce inflammation, and balances the immune system. Ozone experts around the world* believe that Rectal Ozone Insufflation is “95% as effective as Major Autohemotherapy”, which is the most accepted ‘blood’ method of introducing ozone into the body. (*Renate Viebahn (Germany), Dr. Robert Rowen (USA), Dr. Frank Shallenberger MD (USA), Silvia Menendez (Cuba).

Rectal insufflation is a minimally invasive way to use ozone in your home that is just as effective as the blood methods but requires no needles, no syringes, no discomfort. It does require more frequent administration to get as high of a dose as blood methods. Rectal insufflation is particularly helpful for intestinal disorders such as colitis, and can also help restore a healthy gut flora.


  • Catheter
  • Ozone collection bag
  • Lubricant (olive oil works)

*Use bag at home within 30 minutes of collection, ozone dissipates the longer it sits.


  1. Best to proceed after a bowel movement or enema but not completely necessary
  2. Attach catheter to bag containing ozone
  3. Lubricate end of catheter and anal area
  4. Lie on back or side with knees drawn toward chest about 90 degrees
  5. Insert catheter approximately 4 inches into rectum
  6. Unclamp white clamp to allow gas to flow out of bag into rectum
  7. Gently roll end of bag and squeeze air in over about 1-2 minutes

*If any rectal irritation or abdominal discomfort occurs, stop squeezing bag and wait for it to pass and then squeeze bag more slowly and progress at comfort level.

  1. Remove catheter after completed
  2. Try to refrain from having a bowel movement or passing gas for at least 30 minutes after administering

Frequency of treatments:

  • Recommended once daily (M-F) for 3 weeks, then 1 week off, then 1-3 times a week thereafter as maintenance


  • Each bag can be reused 5 times- it will be marked by staff each time filled

·  1 Bag + 5 catheters= $50 (this includes 5 fills of the bag with ozone at our office)