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PRP and Prolotherapy

PRPand Prolotherapy for Migraines and Headaches

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Many patients suffer from ongoing headaches or migraines. The most common type of headache is a tension headache. Tension headaches arise from the muscles in the upper back and neck. Trigger points or knots develop or persist causing a shortening of muscles which attach at the base of the skull. These tight muscles radiate pain either over the top of the head across the forehead or around the temples toward and across the forehead. This type of headache is relieved with trigger point injections to the posterior attachments of the neck muscles at the base of the skull. Acupuncture also helps to relax the muscles and reduce trigger point influence.

Migraines on the other hand are more complex. In having helped many patients eliminate migraines we have discovered that most migraines have multiple triggers. One trigger is tension headaches. Any history of head or neck trauma can damage tendons and predisposing toward more complex migraines. We have also found many different aggravators for migraines over the years. For example IgG food allergies, dehydration, exposure to solvents, cleaners and perfumes, and candida overgrowth. Clues are gathered during an intake to the other potential triggers. Once these are discovered, eliminated, or treated, migraines can become nonexistent. Treatment would include injections for trigger points in the posterior neck and upper back and elimination of other triggers.