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PRP and Prolotherapy

PRP and Prolotherapy for Herniated Discs

By September 7, 2013December 12th, 2023No Comments

Herniated discs can cause sudden, severe and unrelenting pain syndromes. Patients often present to Emergency Rooms, Chiropractic, Primary Care, and even Orthopedic offices seeking relief from constant burning radiating pain. Treatment is often delayed as patients go through the process of gathering information about their condition including MRI’s, and X-rays. Even then a conservative approach is undertaken through physical therapy to treat and reverse the herniation(s). If this proves unsuccessful, then a variety of injections may be recommended and even surgery considered.

A herniated disc can be the result or cause of instability in joints due to injured tendons. These injured or unstable ligaments and tendons lead to referred pain patterns. Pain begins to reduce with the injection of Prolotherapy and PRP to rebuild weak ligaments and tendons. Prolotherapy and PRP consist of injections that cause proliferation of connective tissue. The proliferation leads to increased density and strength and improvement in joint stability.

Relief can come sooner with the frequent and immediate application of acupuncture. Acupuncture has proven to be a very effective treatment for reduction of the radiating, and stabbing pain that often accompanies herniated discs. Acupuncture works by clearing meridians or channels to allow improved circulation and support to the body’s innate ability to heal. Although acupuncture is new to western medicine, it has been a mainstay in eastern medicine for over 3,000 years. Acupuncture treatment is non-invasive and can begin immediately without interference with physical therapy or other medically prescribed prescriptions. In addition, Acupuncture can help you return to normal and pain free functioning faster than doing just physical therapy alone.

In addition, very specific physical therapy protocols for disc treatment are implemented. The simultaneous treatment with PRP, Acupuncture, and physical therapy produces the quickest and surest way for permanent relief.