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PRP and Prolotherapy

PRP and Prolotherapy for Ankle, Foot, and Plantar Fascial pain

By August 30, 2013October 30th, 2014No Comments

The major weight bearing joints of the body, in descending order are the sacroiliac joint, hip joint, knee, and ankle. The ankle carries the brunt or weight of the whole body. With a history of any ankle strains or sprains, regular activity involving running, or lack of adequate arch support, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, or foot pain can develop. PRP and Prolotherapy injected in and around the supporting ligaments of the ankle strengthen, tighten, and support the ankle reducing pain and improving activity. Acupuncture is also recommended along with an improvement in shoe wear for better arch support. Stretches specific to the type and history of the injury have also been shown to help recover from pain, and reduce the recurrence once healing has occurred.