Julie Keiffer


Doctor, scholar, humanitarian, athlete, wife and mother, Dr. Juile Keiffer grew up in picturesque rural Michigan. She attended Catholic grade school and public high school before pursuing higher education at the University of Michigan. There she earned her BA in Anthropology.

After four years of college, Julie’s humanitarian spirit compelled her to volunteer as a school teacher in Content District, Jamaica. For four months, she taught school in a mountainside one-room schoolhouse and lived without electricity or running water.

Upon returning to the United States, Julie went to Houston Texas where she helped her dear friend MaryAnn create and establish a Montessori school. While teaching in the Montessori school, Julie worked two other jobs and attended the University of Houston where she fulfilled all of the prerequisites she needed in order to attend medical school.

Julie fell in love with Arizona during her visit here for her interview at Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. She earned her doctorate at SCNM and completed her residency in Arizona. While in training, Dr. Keiffer’s passion for and background in Anthropology led her to be instrumental in creating clinical rotations at a hospital in Leon, Nicaragua. During this time, Dr. Keiffer also traveled to Ecuador, Columbia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Cuba.

Between rotations, Dr. Keiffer embraced her newfound love for surgery – it was love at first stitch in the Emergency Department in Leon – and integrated that love with her passion for teaching and began teaching minor surgery at SCNM, where she has been adjunct faculty for the surgery curriculum for over eleven years. In 2012, the SCNM student body honored her with the nomination and award for “Alumni of the Year in Forwarding the Students’ Success.”

Julie’s foundation in Naturopathic medicine along with her fun, energetic and progressive approach led her to become a specialist in the field of Anti-Aging. She has been an active member of the Academy of Anti-aging and Aesthetic Medicine (A4M) for over five years. Dr. Keiffer is focused upon the core elements of anti-aging: hormone replacement/balancing, natural aesthetic treatments, libido enhancement and stem cell therapies. Dr. Keiffer has been performing stem cell therapies and working with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for the past five years. She was one of the first four doctors trained in the United States to perform the O-shot/M-shot (Priapus injection) using PRP for libido enhancement.

Ever the scholar and teacher, Dr. Keiffer is constantly undergoing advanced training and attending specialized conferences in order to bring the most current information and procedures to her patients, peers, and medical students.

Services Dr. Keiffer Can Help You With Include:
PDO Threads
Body Piercing
Piercing Complication management
Piercing removals
Closure of gauged ears
Keloid removals/treatment

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