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Skin Health

Ingrown Toenails

By September 18, 2012No Comments

Dr. Julie Keiffer

As the weather cools off, school starts, sports start and we all start wearing closed-toe shoes again. This is usually when a rise in ingrown toenails occurs. The constant slamming of the foot against the edge of a shoe while playing football, basketball or soccer will surely do it.

Cutting the nails too short or simply genetics can also cause ingrown nails. Any trauma can cause the nail to cut open the skin of the toe. Once the skin is interrupted an infection is sure to follow. Once an infection is present it must be treated or it will continue to get worse.

The entire nail does not need to be removed, just the offending edge. After surgical removal the infection clears very quickly, usually improving within the first 24hours. If the problem is reoccurring the nail can be treated more permanently.