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Summer is here and EVND wants to make sure that you handle the heat in the best way possible.

Untitled designDuring the summer, it is very important you limit your time in the sun.  Don’t forget to wear sunscreen if you are attempting to brave the outdoors for too long. A great brand of sunscreen that is effective and lacks harmful chemicals is Thinksport.

Hydration is always necessary, but the ability to sweat more easily during these summer months leads us to be more vulnerable to dehydration.  Muscle cramps, fatigue, and headaches can be examples of symptoms that can occur.  Medications like:  Diuretics, antihistamines, and blood pressure medications have a potential side effect of dehydration. Water with minerals and/or coconut water can be help us hydrate as well as IV Therapy.  EVND offers a Hydration IV ( ) that is packed with all of the important minerals to help hydrate the body more efficiently and effectively. It can be received preventively 1-2 times a month or can be administered at any time one feels they are dehydrated.

For the month of July, EVND is offering $15 off the Hydration IV.  Just mention that you read this article to receive the discount.