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Healthy Food Choices for your Summer BBQs

By June 26, 2012November 14th, 20232 Comments

In honor of the Fourth of July, I decided to make some recommendations on how to make healthy choices at gatherings or BBQs this summer.  If you are hosting a BBQ then obviously you are in more control of what is being served, but you can also bring a healthy dish to the party you are attending and expose everyone there to a satisfying and healthy treat.  The following are some ideas I wanted to share.  I typically purchase everything that I can organic as should you.


Healthy appetizers suggestions

Veggies and humus:
I love the humus from either Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.  I will slice my favorite vegetables for dipping, which typically include: cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, and pea pods.

Chips and guacamole:  The guacamole can be as intensive as you want it to be.  I usually smash several avocados and add a tablespoon of my favorite salsa, a squeeze of lime juice and
a pinch of salt.

Fresh fruit salad: Cut up your favorite seasonal fruits.


Main course suggestions

Grill your favorites:
Veggie burgers, organic chicken, lean meats.  Heavy sauces aren’t necessary if grilled just right. A little salt, garlic powder and fresh lemon juice usually does the trick.

Kabobs:  Add a variety of vegetables including: zucchini, squash, onions, bell peppers, serrano peppers and portabella mushrooms.

Soft tacos:  You can grill haddock or trout, which are great fish for tacos and low on the mercury contamination list or other proteins you favor.  Chop up some cabbage, mango, red peppers, onions and squeeze some lime juice over top.


Healthy side dish suggestions

Quinoa salad: Cook quinoa according to directions and cool (approximately 1 cup of uncooked quinoa).  Once cooled, cut up your favorite vegetables and add to the quinoa. I typically combine organic red bell peppers, onions, cucumbers and cilantro along and throw in a cup of organic black beans.  I then add a vinaigrette and a little salt and pepper and mix it all together.

Spinach salad:
Combine spinach leaves with onions, cucumbers, pecans, and a little fruit like strawberries, apples and/or pears.