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Our desire is to help each of our patients build a foundation of health that produces the optimal life and health span. We start with leading research in natural medicine for maximizing current health in the now and over a lifetime. We use the following model developed from years of experience in treating chronic disease, recovering optimal health, and up-to-date research.


The foundation for each individual starts with the five most important lifestyle ideas known to improve health and longevity and include the right eating plan, regular exercise, adequate sleep, stress resilience, and a healthy home.

KetoFLEX 12/3 PLUS is a friendly lifestyle diet made up of flexible guides to optimize cognition, longevity, mood, and energy. This dietary approach is flexible and effective enough to also have significant benefit in diabetic patients, reduce cardiovascular risk, and most inflammatory conditions.

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Regular physical activity is more likely to predict optimal energy, enhance physical stamina, improve mood, enhance stress resilience, and minimize muscle and joint pain as we age.

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Healthy Home

A healthy home reduces toxic exposures that lead to allergies, immune deficiency, and chronic inflammation that is increasing in our most vulnerable populations.

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Stress Resilience

Stress is considered the leading contributor to chronic illness, pain, and mood disorders. Our newest program is called HRV Stress Resilience Program. HRV is the acronym for Heart Rate Variability…

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Chronic insomnia is a leading symptom of many chronically ill patients and one of the leading root causes of chronic fatigue.

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The functional foundations for each individual starts with a comprehensive set of labs to evaluate hormones, methylation activity, metabolic risks, nutrient levels, and inflammation. For many patients suffering from any chronic illness or symptoms, we often can find an underlying cause within this comprehensive lab set. These comprehensive labs provide a very deep snapshot of your current health and destination.

The pituitary gland, which sits deeply centered within the brain, communicates with three vital glands located in the periphery. These glands include the thyroid, adrenals, and the sex glands.

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Autoimmune disease is on the rise with 80 plus autoimmune diseases affecting 10% of the population. It is not possible to test every autoimmune condition, but there are a few obvious labs that can be run to discover root causes of depression, fatigue, and even pain.

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The leading metabolic syndromes are a cluster of conditions which can present individually or in combination, increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. The leading metabolic conditions which can increase risk include abnormal cholesterol or triglyceride levels, elevated blood sugars, increased blood pressure, and excess body fat around the waist.

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Vitamin and Minerals are better than prescription medictions. The targeted use of nutrients can solve simple problems like anemia and complex ones like autoimmune disease. The sampling below are just of the most important nutrients to consider when getting a baseline of nutrient status.

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Inflammation is important in the body’s defense against harmful substances or infections. However, chronic infections, food allergies, toxic exposures, and a host of other environmental triggers and toxicants, can chronically activate the body’s inflammatory responses.

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The advanced foundations for optimal health provide many options for testing and treatments that are not available through standard medical practices or labs. Even with good lifestyle habits or highly functional metabolism, chronic infections, toxins, poor genetics, and gastro-intestinal disease will severely disrupt normal life. When any conditions are present in this section, it can be very disruptive to most lifestyle attempts to feel well. These concerns can become a priority very quickly in the treatment plan.
GI Health

The most common category of complaint we see in acute and chronic illness arise from diseases of the intestinal tract.

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Toxic Load

Every day, we are exposed to different toxins through our food and environment. Over time, those toxins build up in our bodies and can contribute to various health problems.

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Infections are stealth like and most enter the bosy unawares to the patient. Some infections have few symptoms and a short duration. Many others produce symptoms that cross boundaries in every organ system of the body and thus become insidiously chronic.

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Genetic testing has been a topic of great discussion for at least the last two decades. With full genome sequencing now available, and a variety of SNP panels approaching affordability, we are learning that our genes play a significant role in how we react to the environment.

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Brain Health

The brain is the master organ and regulator of the body. With disease, genetics, toxicity, and aging, the brain my decline in optimal functioning. But we can discover root causes of brain dysregulation and reverse them with the alternative medicine.

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Anti-aging medicine takes advantage of therapies know to promote autophagy, resolve pain, improve cognition, and maximize energy and vitality.

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