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If the world perceives you as angry even before you speak, first time interactions perceive you as angry. When a movement of the face is made enough times it creates a wrinkle, just as folding fabric over and over will create a crease. These lines eventually persist, even when your face is at rest. This can make you look angry even if you are extremely happy.

Botulinum Toxin type A (Botox) has been used for thirty years medically. The first purification of this toxin with experimentation was in the 1920’s. This is not new. The cosmetic use of purified botulinum was within the last 10 years. The cosmetic application uses very small amounts compared to its use to stop muscular spasms in the body. For many years Botox was the only available purified botulinum type A, however, the rest of the world has had Dysport for much longer than the U.S. Dysport arrived in the last several years as another option to treat wrinkles of the face by stopping or minimizing movement.

At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors in Mesa, AZ, Dr. Julie Keiffer utilizes Dysport in her practice.  Dysport is a very quick, in-office procedure with results that can last 3-6 months. Over time the face will re-surface the wrinkles creating a younger, rejuvenated appearance. A treatment of a single area is often under $200.