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Detox Protocols For Autism & Aspergers


The following information provides specific protocols for detoxification of a child on the “Autism Spectrum” The ideas and principles for detoxification build upon the nutrient and immune support discussed under the heading Autism, which provides a foundation for the next steps involving detox work. The diagnosis should have already been made and other pertinent laboratory data gathered to evaluate for oxidative stress, methylation pathways, toxicities, and sources of inflammation. Once a patient begins to support immune and detoxification pathways with the proper supplements and diet, a detox program can be implemented. The use and or activity of HBOT or Neurofeedback can be done individually or at the same time as all therapies are synergistic.

Step 1: Make a diagnosis and gather all pertinent data

All of the therapies offered through the EVND Treatment Center do not require the prescription of a physician on staff. The protocols for NFB are based on brain maps(QEEG) available to all patients. Detox protocols for Infrared Sauna and Detox Foot Baths have set durations and programs. HBOT is offered in 60-minute increments up to 40 sessions as recommended by the research. It can be helpful to have a diagnosis and even a prescription for the various therapies we offer before arriving, but if not, we will provide recommendations below. If you desire a more thorough laboratory workup for specific dietary and nutrient recommendations or would like to discuss the various therapeutic options, please schedule with one of our physicians.

Step 2: Testing

Based on the initial appointment with the doctor and a detailed intake, a laboratory order will be written. Upon completion of the labs, a follow-up visit will be scheduled to review and receive specific recommendations based on the information gathered. Testing considerations include specific nutrients, methylation pathways, food intolerances, and toxicities. We sadly cannot offer testing to patients who choose to utilize services through our EVND Treatment Center only, without seeing a physician.

Step 3: Diet and Intestinal Health

Many patients have reported improvement in symptoms with avoidance of food intolerances as found on IgG based food allergy tests. As insurance does not cover this testing, to reduce out of pocket expenses, we might instead recommend a 2 week trial of gluten and dairy avoidance. In addition, we recommend avoiding all foods with unnatural food additives and colorings. Careful observation will help discover what impact food reactions might have on a child. In addition, we might recommend detoxification of yeast with herbs or prescription medications which sets the foundation for further detox protocols. Avoiding food allergies and reducing yeast forms improves immune function and reduces inflammation in the body and in the brain.

Step 4: Detox Wellness Plan

At EVND we want individuals to take initiative in their healing and we hope to provide the tools to allow you to do so using our Treatment Center therapies without the need of establishing yourself with one of the doctors. If you are not achieving the results that you would expect to after following Phase I of this program, we highly recommend that you meet with one of our doctors for a more deep and specific look into your overall health state. We may need to see if there are other obstacles that are hindering you from healing or the initial 6-8 weeks detox portion may not be long enough and it may be recommended to detox a little longer.


Hydration is extremely important when moving toxins out of the body. We recommend that you put great effort into drinking plenty of filtered water during this time. Also to properly detoxify regular bowel movements at least 1 x day is necessary and if you are having difficulty achieving this or have chronic digestive issues it would be best to establish yourself with one of our physicians to get to the root issue and help correct this before proceeding with detoxification.


Start with dosing the following nutrient powder specifically designed based on research to support underlying challenges in the Autism spectrum. Some children with Autism have also shown positive responses with the addition of fiber and fish oil supplements.

  • Spectrum Needs. Dose 2 scoops 2 times daily
  • Fiber Choice gummy. Dose 2-4 gummies daily under 8yo
  • Nordic Omega-3 Fishies. Dose 2 fishies daily under 8yo


This is an excellent tool that can aid the body in liberating chemicals and metals from the body and can be very safe for even small children. We prefer the use of Footbath for the removal of toxic metals instead of IV or oral chelation therapy which can be very demanding on the bodies of small children. We recommend 2 sessions a week with 3-4 days separating treatments as this therapy has shown significant benefit in the removal of heavy metals, and glyphosate. (For example, Monday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday). Each session takes 30 minutes. To better understand all of the health benefits from the Detox Footbath therapy click here. We recommend Detox Footbath treatments 2 times weekly for a period of 6 weeks. The Autism Treatment Evaluation Checklist (ATEC) has been used as an evaluation tool and showed a significant reduction in symptoms when using the IonCleanse Foot Bath.


If after the first Phase of Detox there are still some lingering symptoms we suggest that you enter into Phase II which includes Frequency Specific Microcurrent (FSM). FSM uses specific and directed frequencies to enhance detoxification of specific organs and reduces trauma created from the toxins in the cells throughout the body to facilitate repair. FSM works by increasing the production of the substance ATP in injured tissues. ATP is the major source of energy for all cellular reactions in the body. Because treatment with FSM can increase ATP production by as much as 500% in damaged tissues, this may help with revitalizing the vital organs and nervous systems to function more optimally once again. Also, FSM can influence the Cell Danger Response, theorized as a root cause of Autism. Even after detox work and healing therapies have been completed, the cells of the nervous system have to be “Re-set”. We have found that Frequency Specific Microcurrent is dynamic in its ability to correct this persistent error. FSM uses specific and directed frequencies to enhance detoxification of specific organs like lymph, liver, kidney, and fat cells and reduces trauma created from the toxins in the cells throughout the body to facilitate repair. This synergistic therapy optimizes the return and function of the various organs and systems of the body for improved energy, focus, mood, sleep, and vagal stress response. Treatments are typically 1 x week for 5 weeks. Sessions last about an hour and 15 minutes. We request that you be hydrated before your appointment as that encourages better outcomes. You will lay comfortably on the table, while warm washcloths are laid on the neck and feet and the FSM technician attaches electrodes that direct the current. It is a very comfortable therapy and a patient is able to read, watch an iPad, or rest during the treatment.

We hope this is helpful for you and invite you to not get overwhelmed with what you think you’re not doing or don’t know. We welcome you to call us at (480) 985-0000 with any questions or concerns you may have about Autism and Detox Protocols.