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By February 17, 2011November 14th, 20234 Comments

My hunt for a great deodorant has been trying to say the least. I didn’t realize that finding a deodorant that works and has little to no toxins in it would be so difficult. Every time I think I am closer to finding a great one, I realize that there is a chemical in there that sneaks by me by being listed under a different or less assuming name.  Many companies are misleading which is why I feel it is important to talk about it. I feel very passionate about this topic as many chemicals applied to our skin, especially under the arms, can be absorbed into our blood stream and negatively impact our health.   Aluminum is found in most antiperspirants and has been linked to Alzheimer’s and breast cancer.  Parabens are also commonly found in beauty products including deodorant and they have been shown to mimic estrogen and may contribute to estrogen- sensitive conditions like PMS, uterine fibroids and endometriosis. Research has shown that when pregnant women use products with parabens in them it can affect the development of the fetus.   I won’t dare list all of the deodorants I have tried over the years but will stick with the most recent ones.

One more thing, I will reference a lot not only today but in the future, so if you don’t know about it please check it out. You can put your body products including deodorants in there and your products will be given a hazard score from 0-10 (least to the most harmful) so you get an idea of how toxic or non-toxic your current products are. You should definitely try this as you will be surprised.

Deodorant Review:

DeVita Deodorant Spray

This is a great product because it works well for me and considered non-toxic.  The ingredients listed on the bottle are very few and the following:  aloe, purified water, mineral salts and potassium aluminum. Potassium aluminum is different than other aluminum molecules because it won’t get absorbed into the bloodstream. The Devita deodorant hasn’t been ranked by Cosmetic Database but based on the ingredients listed it should be about a 0/10. It is unscented making it a good one for the chemically sensitive.

Crystal Body Deodorant Roll on

Cosmetic Database gives this deodorant a 0 on a hazard scoring of 0-10. The ingredients are potassium aluminum, water and cellulose.  This one works on and off for me be but I know a lot of individuals who this works great for.  No fragrance with this one so this is great for the chemically sensitive.

Honeybee Gardens Deodorant

The newest deodorant I tried and really like is Honeybee Gardens deodorant. This product has baking soda, corn starch, arrow root and essential oils. There is no aluminum in this one.  It is in powder form which is unlike any deodorant I have ever used but it goes on easily and doesn’t have an extreme fragrant smell like some deodorants can. I can be sensitive to smells and this one doesn’t bother me, although probably not a good idea for the chemically sensitive. This product gets a 2/10 on the hazard ranking because of the essential oils.   I called the company and they told me the essential oils that are used in this product are lavender, rose and gardenia.

These deodorants can be purchased on the company’s personal website and some at to get discounted prices. You can also find Crystal Roll on at Whole Foods.


  • Karen says:

    I’m so excited you and Carrie are sharing clean, healthy living info with everyone. I try pretty hard to only use clean products, but find I can always do better. So this is really good. I’m using a deodorant called Lafes Roll on Deordorant. It seems good but there us one odd ingredient ‘polyquaterium-10’. Is that a bad one? I’ve tried lots of brands and this works great for me! Hope it’s clean!

    • Dr. Jennifer Nevels says:

      Hi Karen! I looked into the polyquateriu-10. Cosmetic database lists it as a 0 out of 0-10 (10 being the most hazardous). It seems that it is commonly used in shampoos as a thickening agent. When I looked at the brand you use I do see the ingredient grapefruit seed extract which was given a 4. It list that some of the extracts contain methylparabens but I am guessing not your product in particular since it was given a 1 out of 10 as a deodorant as a whole.

  • Rebecca says:

    “E Plus High C” Natural Roll On Deodorant by Aubrey Organics works well for me. It gets a 2 rating from CD. The ingredients are rose water, coconut fatty acid cream base, organic aloe vera, natural grain alcohol, calendula oil, vit e, calamine powder, oils of arnica flowers, camomile, sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, fir, vanilla, cedarwood and rose.

    • Dr. Jennifer Nevels says:

      Good to know! I really like Aubrey’s products. This company makes a really clean beauty product line.