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Weight loss

The Naturopathic approach to weight loss offers many effective options, by helping patients discover the root causes of excessive weight or inability to lose weight. Weight loss begins immediately with a thorough assessment of the underlying causes, the first being removal and treatment of food intolerances which cause slow motility, metabolic fatigue, and immune distraction. In addition, certain and permanent weight loss begins with lab assessments of the thyroid, nutritional deficiencies, cholesterol, and insulin resistance. Often, a specialized Adrenal Function Test, assessing the effects of stress and cortisol production on the body, is performed. Stress is perhaps one of the leading causes of weight gain today and leads to excess cortisol secretion, causing imbalances in blood sugar and weight gain around the waist.

Most patients have never associated food allergies to weight gain or difficulty losing weight. The IgG food allergy reactions (food sensitivity or food intolerance) are linked to inflammation in the body and are known to cause slow or delayed allergic reactions. IgG testing is invaluable in determining the underlying causes of many health problems including excessive weight. If we follow the root causes of weight gain through the GI tract, we will find first thing,  antibiotics, which can imbalance the flora of the entire GI tract. Flora is a combination of friendly, and unfriendly, bacteria-producing enzymes that digest food.

As the fragile balance is disrupted, the resilient fungal bacteria, or bad flora, overtake the in the form of candida and yeast. The toxic yeast cause severe irritation and inflammation in the GI tract leading to “Leaky Gut Syndrome”. How do the yeast survive?…SUGAR! They thrive on it and the average diet has an abundance of sugar and we have known for years that sugar can cause us to gain weight. “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, the breakdown of the gut/intestinal barrier, due to the overgrowth of yeast, distracts and irritates the immune system, leading to weight gain and fatigue.

As the distraction continues, the immune system can no longer heal from “normal wear & tear”, and this can lead to an inefficient and sluggish metabolism.

As the war continues, the yeast, with their endless potential to replicate, completely exhaust the immune system. The body begins feeling pain in the muscles and joints, it develops recognizable symptoms such as bloating at meals or when eating certain foods, and an inability to lose weight or manage a healthy weight.

There is HOPE! The Physicians at East Valley Naturopathic Doctors have created a protocol for achieving your weight goals in the most effective and safest possible way. Once IgG testing verifies the presence of yeast, candida and other food intolerances, a candida killing and detoxification diet will follow. The avoidance of food allergies and the elimination of yeast overgrowth, can yield symptom improvement in just a few weeks. The end result?…Weight Loss!

Other therapies such as Vitamin B12 Injections, Acupuncture, Energy IV’s, and specific supplements to control appetite and improve energy and mood may be recommended.

Sometimes an aggressive approach can be utilized such as HCG, which allows patients to have quick weight loss, or break through naturally occurring plateaus, that occur along the way of achieving weight loss goals. It is important to understand all of the risks and benefits of this diet and the medication before starting a program. Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) is a hormone released by the embryo and placenta in pregnant women. During pregnancy, hCG helps to maintain the uterine lining by increasing progesterone production. This hormone can be used to induce ovulation in the ovaries, and also increases testosterone production.

Human chorionic gonadotropin was first promoted as a weight loss aid in the 1950s by Dr. Albert T. Simeons. Simeons stated that hCG would help to mobilize and burn stored fat, when combined with a 500 calorie-per-day diet. This diet is very restrictive, and includes a set number of calories from protein per meal, to help burn fat while attempting to protect muscle. Since Simeons first introduced the concept of using hCG injections for weight loss, there have been approximately 50 years of extensive, double-blind research studies performed to test its efficacy. There is a significant amount of weight loss that typically occurs with this diet, with most people losing about 5 pounds per week. There are still some questions about the safety and efficacy of hCG for weight loss. Some studies have shown that hCG is no more effective for weight loss than the 500 calorie diet alone. The FDA has not approved hCG for weight loss, and there is not enough safety data to know whether hCG may have long-term side effects or health risks.

There are many safe and natural products and methods available that are effective for weight loss, while also improving your overall health and energy. If you are curious about different weight loss plans or products, talk to us about tailoring a program that is perfect for your body and your lifestyle. As naturopathic physicians, we can sit down with you to discuss all of your options, and help you to find the best plan for you.