There are numerous drugs on the market to help with a man’s sex life. What about women? Finally there is a medical treatment available for the enhancement of a woman’s sex life. Interestingly enough it does not entail the use of pharmaceutical drugs. The initial results of treatments over the last year are yielding incredible results. This treatment available is called the O-Shot™.

The O-Shot is a virtually painless in-office quick procedure that uses the body’s own growth factors to stimulate, rejuvenate and enhance the orgasmic area of the vagina and clitoris. It is well established that sexual health is directly related to overall health. Frequent satisfying sexual events increase the immune system, decrease stress and decrease depression/anxiety.

Initial findings of the O-Shot are showing improvement in desire, arousal and orgasmic ability and intensity. Dr. Julie Keiffer is the first female physician in the state of Arizona to offer this treatment.

Though Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) comes from your own body and has demonstrated a low complication rate in other areas of the body, injecting PRP into vaginal structures and near the clitoris (the Orgasm ShotTM, abbreviated as the O-Shot) is a new procedure and so could cause some unexpected side effects or complications. The use of PRP in this procedure is an ‘off label’ use, and no promise or representation, guarantee or warranty regarding its use, benefit or other quality is made. No representations that the use of this product and this procedure is approved by the FDA or any other agency of the federal or state government is made.