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Alternative Cancer Treatment

East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, under the direction of Dr. Jason Porter NMD, offers a cancer treatment program for patients who have been recently diagnosed, are undergoing surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy as prescribed by conventional doctors, or who have failed current protocols. The cancer treatment program provides alternative therapies that either support current protocols or stand alone in the treatment and eradication of cancer.

The typical cancer establishment focusing on external therapies such as surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation have failed to recognize that cancer is present, because the immune system quit doing its job. Most research and medical advances over the last 50 years have been predominantly about surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Sadly, depending upon when cancer is found, the effectiveness and heroism of these three major therapies, fail to often to recover and secure even two years for most patients.

Perhaps our failings in general have been, because we do not have a unified cause of the rise of cancer. Genetics, environment, infections, hormones, lifestyle, diet, and emotions have all been linked to cancer. The reality is, it’s all of the above, and if that is true, then it will take a whole body approach to eradicate and return the body to a complete state of health, disease free.

In the past few decades many theories on the rise of cancer have been proposed, extensively studied, and yet have failed to provide significant advances in treatment options or improved mortality. Neither is surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation designed to remind, reprogram, or stimulate the immune system to go after cancer. No in fact, all three are known to suppress, distract, and even destroy the only thing that can on its own destroy cancer.

The addition of complementary or alternative medical therapies to enhance, support, and in some ways replace standard treatment protocols does improve outcomes by improving and restoring our innate immune response. It has been theorized that cancer outcomes would improve greater than 50% overall with the addition of alternative therapies to current or standard protocols.

Alternative cancer care may be best described as complementary care, as it combines the best of western medicine and naturopathic or alternative medicine for the benefit of the patient as a whole. Cancer is a systemic disease and though it may be isolated through radiology to a defined area, we treat the whole body and person to eradicate cancer, reduce risk of metastasis, and reduce risk of cancer recurrence. To this end we find it highly beneficial to involve the leading doctors in every field of specialty to do their part in helping a patient prevent cancer or achieve a quick and permanent cancer remission.

The immune system is the key, as it works directly with the nervous and endocrine systems to stimulate and restore health. Treatment begins with an accurate assessment of immune function and awareness including discovering and treatment of immune distractors such as gluten, yeast overgrowth, chronic viral infections, and silent bacterial infections. The immune activity is increased and measured through standard labs with natural herbs and support of detoxification pathways. The following articles describe much of the research and alternative therapies that have been shown to effectively improve upon life expectancy and cancer eradication. Treatment of cancer without a concomitant focus on immune stimulation and restoration will continue to produce dismal results. Currently, only alternative and naturopathic medicine is willing and able to help restore and stimulate immune reactivation through natural support while a patient is going through surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy.