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Cancer – Introduction

By May 23, 2011July 13th, 2023No Comments

For many years the treatment of cancer has been limited to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery – and typically, a combination thereof. In some cases these therapies have been of benefit, but in far too many, cancer eradication seems to be a losing battle. Surgery has been blamed for increasing metastases, which are the leading cause of cancer deaths. Chemotherapy and radiation significantly weaken the immune system, contribute to systemic toxicity and create their own side effect profiles that are worse than the original disease. With the amount of money, research and energy directed toward cancer treatment and eradication, one has to wonder if we do really want to cure anything at all.

There exist a number of proven natural and alternative therapies that are known to reduce risk of metastases, reduce surgical risks, improve immune function, reduce genetic risk, reduce cancer masses and even enhance the tumor reducing effect of chemotherapy and radiation while reducing side effects. However, this information is rarely available from a typical oncologist. With so many effective alternative cancer therapies available, oncologists are not likely to be current or understand dosing requirements.

Extensive research has proven the benefits of good nutrition, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, and even some medications contribute to one’s ability to extend their life span and even improve cancer remission rates. Patients can make their own choices about whether to apply alternative treatments simultaneously or instead of standard protocols.

Typical oncology fails to provide patients with every valuable resource that is currently available for the complete treatment and eradication of cancer. Every patient deserves to be treated individually and with the best combination of therapies available from both worlds of treatment. Change is needed, and that change is the combination of standard and alternative treatments directed to enhance and provide a synergistic effect not found in mono-therapies.

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