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Bed Time Tips and Tricks

By May 3, 2012July 13th, 2023One Comment

Getting the kids to bed quickly and without a fight is one of my most common complaints from the mom’s in my practice.  Here are a few tips and tricks to get your kids to sleep quickly and without a fight.

1.  Start a nightly routine.  Following the same routine every night before going to bed gives your body the signal that it is time to go to settle down and go to sleep.

2.  Turn off all electronics at least 1 hour before bed.  This means no T.V., IPod, computer, or video games.

3.  Take a bath.  Add 1 cup of Epsom salts to the bath water, they contain magnesium which relaxes muscle tension.

4.  Give a foot massage.  Add a few drops of lavender and/or chamomile essential oils to an unscented lotion and massage into the bottom of child’s feet.  The essential oils help encourage relaxation.

5.  Read a story in bed.  Reading before bed helps calm the mind, distracting the child from any racing thoughts or worries about the next day.

6.  Write in a journal.  This is for older children who tend to worry or get stressed easily.  Have them write down all the things that they are worried about and/or what needs to get done the following day.  Then have them write about all the good things that happened through out the day.

One Comment

  • Jennifer P. says:

    Great ideas! Some new ones I’m excited to try tonight! Thanks Dr. Rittling and EVND!