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If a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD is confirmed through QbCheck and brain mapping we offer the most effective alternative therapies instead of and in addition to the possible benefit from prescription medication. The leading non-drug alternative for treatment of ADD/ADHD is Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback utilizes the findings from the brain map to retrain areas of the brain that are dysregulated from ineffective wiring or lack of efficient communication between areas of the brain. These ineffective areas of the brain lead to hyperactivity, inattention, and impulsivity. Through training of the brain, the more efficient wiring is created leading to improvements in attention and activity. ADD/ADHD expression has also been linked to multiple allergies, genetics, and immune responses. In addition to Neurofeedback, we offer many specialty tests including food allergy testing, toxic metals testing, Candida overgrowth testing, detox and genetic pathway analysis, and organic acid testing. Evaluation of these alternative pathways can be very valuable because they are in some cases part of the root issues that caused the initial poor brain wiring. As we treat these underlying issues we improve the response of any treatment by removing barriers that are stressing the body in very specific ways.


*We use an online version of QbTest, the FDA cleared QbCheck