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The FDA Cleared, QbCheck, does a lot to help diagnose & dial in treatments for ADD/ADHD.

ADHD_TestSince testing for ADD/ADHD is not an easy task, brain mapping isn’t the only way to test for it. At East Valley Naturopathic Doctors, we not only perform brain mapping but also the QbCheck, by QbTech.


Like brain mapping, the QbCheck is extremely accurate and requires a large pool of data for comparison, data collected against a control database. QbCheck and QbTest are computer-based programs combined with an infrared measurement system able to measure attention ability, impulsivity, and movement activity. Their results are compared to other’s who are the same sex and age as the individual, which provides a clear presentation of the presence of ADD/ADHD.

When being tested the patient will wear a headband with an infrared marker in front of a computer screen. The screen will show certain symbols and the individual will need to push the responder button according to the directions being given. The test typically takes 15 minutes to complete and is independent of language, reading or mathematical skills.

QbTest provides a baseline measurement to help evaluate any future changes in hyperactivity, attention or impulsivity. Besides evaluating ADD/ADHD, QbCheck can also be used to evaluate responses to medication, neurofeedback, food allergy avoidance, and any other type of treatment. It is the only device FDA cleared to monitor how patients are responding to treatment, which can help us monitor and track responses to any treatment over time.

If you or someone you know has a child with an inability to focus or has hyperactivity, call East Valley Naturopathic Doctors today to get your child tested and treated for ADD/ADHD.

*We use an online version of QbTest, the FDA cleared QbCheck