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Our desire is to provide accurate, affordable, and alternative approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of Attention Deficit and Hyper Active Disorders, with our  ADD/ADHD Evaluation.


Accurately diagnosing ADD/ADHD is effectively done utilizing two modern day tools:

  1. QbCheck
  2. QEEG(aka Brain Mapping)

Both of these tests can be performed in as little as 60 minutes.

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Symptoms of ADD/ADHD can overlap with many other conditions and most diagnoses of ADD/ADHD are based on symptoms alone. Many parents are concerned about putting their children on heavy medications when they aren’t sure of the diagnosis.

If you’re unsure of your child’s diagnosis the right way to test it shouldn’t be with expensive trial and error of various medications.

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If a diagnosis of ADD/ADHD is confirmed through QbCheck and brain mapping we offer the most effective alternative therapies instead of and in addition to the possible benefit from prescription medication. 

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What is a QbCheck?

The QbTest is a computer-based program combined with an infrared measurement system, that is able to measure attention ability, impulsivity, and movement activity(hyperactivity). 

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How is a QbCheck performed?

The test equipment consists of a computer screen, infrared camera, a headband with an infrared marker, and a responder button…

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How often is a QbCheck performed?

QbCheck provides a valuable baseline measurement that can help to evaluate any future changes in hyperactivity, attention or impulsivity…

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QbCheck for Evaluation and Treatment Response

By utilizing the FDA Cleared QbCheck together with brain mapping, we can diagnose ADD/ADHD with a high degree of certainty, and in addition…

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What is Brain Mapping?

Brain mapping collects information about the electrical activity(measured in Hz) throughout the whole brain via specialized caps, hardware, and software. 

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How is a Brain Map performed?

Brain Mapping equipment consists of a computer screen, software, specialized hardware to read brain electrical activity, and a cloth cap with lead wires…

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How often is a Brain Map done?

Brain maps are done as an initial baseline to evaluate dysregulation or impeded regulation in brain activity leading to sensory, behavioral, learning, or mood disorders…
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Call us if you have any questions about our ADD/ADHD Diagnosis and Treatment options, at (480) 985-0000.

We can help you understand and overcome the symptoms of ADD/ADHD, naturally.


*We use an online version of QbTest, the FDA cleared QbCheck