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 How to accurately diagnosis ADD and ADHD

ADD - ADHD Accurate Diagnosis- EVNDAccurately diagnose ADD/ADHD is effectively done utilizing two modern day tools. The first is called QbCheck and the second QEEG(aka Brain Mapping). In as little as 60 minutes data collection for both the QbCheck and the Brain Map can be completed. Both evaluations require comparison of data collected against a control database. Reports are created with visual representations of attention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity described. Patients and/or parents are able to see for the first time the degree of attention or hyperactivity present and where in the brain inattention and hyperactivity are likely to arise. Following the collection of data, both QbCheck and Brain Map results will be reviewed with your physician within 1-3 days.


*We use an online version of QbTest, the FDA cleared QbCheck