Neurofeedback Therapy


“The brain can do far more for itself than drugs or other invasions…The wisdom to self-regulate is contained in every brain.” – Thomas Collura, PH.D.

Neurofeedback is the leading therapy for shaping and optimizing mood and brain function. Neuroplasticity research has proven the brain can rewire in more productive and self-regulating patterns throughout our whole lifetime. Neurofeedback is a cutting edge, life-changing therapy, for those with symptoms of brain dysfunction or dysregulation, even from direct causes such as head traumas, toxic exposures, and unknown environmental insults, which result in abnormal brain wave patterns and wiring. Neurofeedback also has the ability to change mood disorders such as anxiety, depression, and feelings of being overwhelmed, by balancing electric activity of the brain between both hemispheres. And neurofeedback has the ability to improve learning disorders of many types by improving the communication between different locations of the brain and by increasing processing speed.

Neurofeedback is a direct treatment of specific areas of brain wave dysfunction. With the use of unique diagnostic tools such as brain mapping or quantitative electroencephalography (QEEG), Neurofeedback therapy is able to treat conditions more specifically than prescription medications. Along with the complementary therapies discovered through genetic testing and neurotransmitter evaluation, neurofeedback stands at the crest of a new wave in cognitive and mental health care.

Neurofeedback has proven its efficacy for improving brain function. It helps us perform at the top of our game in an increasingly challenging, stressful and demanding world, one that often pushes us to – and even past – our limits. This gentle, noninvasive, brain-healing technology has the power to treat the symptoms and conditions that arise as we reach these limits: depression, anxiety, lack of focus, “brain fog,” reduced motivation, irritability, insomnia, fatigue…. As our brain attempts to mobilize and perform under these suboptimal conditions, it becomes exhausted, leading to alterations in our brain waves.

These altered brain waves maintain the status quo and become locked in these dysfunctional patterns or loops, and we become stuck in habitual ways of thinking and behaviors that are detrimental to our health and quality of life. The ability to modify our neurological responses to external stressors and our environment becomes critical. Neurofeedback breaks through these locked loops or patterns, allowing us – our brains – to self-adjust, and restore brain waves toward optimal levels of functioning.

Requiring no conscious effort on the part of the client, neurofeedback, through the brain-computer interface, initially measures the electrical activity of the brain, focusing on four distinct types of waves: Delta (1-4Hz), Theta (4-8Hz), Alpha (8-12Hz), and Beta (12-50Hz). One example of Neurofeedback can be the determination of a specific dominant brain wave, and under the direction of a neurofeedback specialist, the neurofeedback system sending back to the brain, a signal lower than that of the dominant wave’s frequency. This softer signal, 7 million times weaker than the power delivered by a 9-volt battery, brings about changes in the intensity and frequency of the brain waves and results in more highly functioning and desirable brain wave patterns.

While it may take several sessions for the effects of neurofeedback to become lasting, clients typically notice improvement with the first few treatments. The neurofeedback specialist will frequently notice immediate changes in brainwave patterns, and the client often becomes aware of the shift that occurs during the session. Family and friends may notice changes in mood and behavior in the first few sessions, even before the client becomes aware of those changes.

Neurofeedback exercises our “neurological muscles,” retrains the brain, improves neuroplasticity, and allows the brain to reorganize, learn new patterns of behavior, and become de-habituated from “stuck” patterns that represent suboptimal processing. This therapy is proving to be beneficial in treating a wide range of difficult conditions otherwise unresponsive to conventional treatments including: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Post-Concussive Syndrome, anxiety, depression, Autism, learning disorders, Sensory Processing Disorders, and Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD). Neurofeedback therapy results in a healthier, more flexible, efficiently and higher-functioning brain. When the brain is put in touch with itself and functionality is restored, the nervous system begins to intelligently self-regulate. The brain becomes accustomed to this optimal way of being and the effects of neurofeedback treatment last longer and longer until the brain is able to sustain the gains in performance and functioning. These long-term benefits of neurofeedback are independent of age, comprehension, physical ability, and mental capacity.


(Effective 01/01/2017)


Brain Map includes QEEG collection, submittal to QEEG database, brain map analysis with a customized report and a follow-up visit to discuss brain map findings.

Brain Map for new patient of East Valley Naturopathic Doctors $350
Brain Map for current patient of East Valley Naturopathic Doctors $175

BRAIN MAP(QEEG) for Sport Physicals

Brain Map includes QEEG collection, submittal to QEEG database, brain map analysis with a customized report. This Brain Map serves the purpose to establish baseline brain wave activity in a young athlete who is considered healthy and without learning, cognitive, or behavioral irregularities. In the event of a head injury, a baseline Brain Map can be used to help guide a patient’s recovery by establishing a history of prior ability and current progress of therapy.

Brain Map for Sports Physical $135


Sessions are tailored to each individual and can include Oasis, 1,2,4, or 19 channel training.

Packages include repeat brain map for $135 every 10 sessions (normally $175) and FREE heart rate training $135 value.

Neurofeedback Training Individual Session $125/session

Neurofeedback Training Packages x 10 $110/session
(Includes 1 brain map and inner balance heart rate training) Total Package $1235(Save $325)

Neurofeedback Training Packages x 20 $95/session
(Includes 2 brain maps and inner balance heart rate training) Total Package $2170(Save $615)